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Financial Services

Our solutions for the financial services sector

Recent years have seen a major intensification of the support and consulting services for companies in the finance and insurance industry to reflect the increasingly complex and sophisticated products in this highly dynamic and challenging market. Customers are primarily looking for personal, professional advice combined with fast, comprehensive, and continuously updated information. Companies that rely on standard solutions for their interaction with customers are quickly being left behind.
Bosch Service Solutions’ comprehensive portfolio can help your company turn the challenges of the financial services sector into competitive advantages that will impress your customers and boost the success of your business.


Customer Care Services

We provide tailored services in the field of customer care to our customers in the financial services industry, which include commercial and savings banks and insurance companies. These services include customer service and information hotlines and sales and marketing campaigns – all conducted in more than 30 languages in 15 countries worldwide.

Other solutions we offer

Maintaining the security of sensitive data in the finance and insurance sector is our top priority. Our customers know they can depend on us – and that trust is an asset that is as important to us as it is to you. As part of our portfolio of business support services, we can ensure secure online communication by helping your company to design and implement a Public Key Infrastructure.