Industry solutions offered by Bosch Service Solutions

We know our customers.

And we understand the challenges they face.




Today’s world is highly interconnected and changing fast – a situation that offers companies numerous opportunities. As part of the Bosch Group, we understand the challenges that our customers face. With our tailored solutions for a wide range of industries, we can help you exploit new technological possibilities and turn them into competitive advantages.



Our solutions for the automotive industry include a wide range of networked services such as eCall, breakdown, information, and maintenance services.

Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Our solutions for the IT and communications industry include help desk and social media services as well as information hotlines and feedback and complaints management.


Energy & Utilities

Our solutions for the energy industry include service hotlines, feedback and complaints management as well as customer satisfaction surveys and monitoring of social media channels.

Financial Services

Our solutions for the financial services industry include customer care services such as information and service hotlines for banks and insurance companies as well as the development and implementation of sales campaigns and advice on designing appropriate public key infrastructures.



Our solutions for the healthcare industry include customer service and order hotlines as well as technical help desk services, community management of social media channels, and feedback and complaints management.

Public Sector

Our solutions for the public sector include information and technical support hotlines as well as switchboards.


Retail & Wholesale

Our solutions for the retail and wholesale sector include customer care and telesales services as well as technical help desk services and elevator alarm services.

Travel & Transportation

Our solutions for the travel and transportation industry include data analysis and social media services as well as business intelligence services such as process management and consulting.