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Natalia Loitey Ferrari

Natalia Loitey Ferrari

Head of Sales and Key Account Management Information and communication technology

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Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Our solutions for the ICT industry

The internet of things and services is creating an increasingly complex and demanding environment for customer communications in the ICT industry. Yet it is also creating significant business opportunities through rapid innovation cycles and the challenge of analyzing ever increasing quantities of customer data. Our solutions for the ICT industry are designed to help our customers exploit these opportunities and turn them into competitive advantages.


Boosting customer satisfaction in the era of social media and big data

Achieving excellent customer satisfaction and an optimum Net Promoter Score are two of the biggest challenges facing our ICT customers. By performing intelligent analysis of social media and data in multiple languages and countries – as well as providing tailored add-on services – we lock in competitive advantages for our customers and help strengthen and improve their customer relationships.
We also offer additional services for relevant markets, including document management and trust center services, information hotlines, and feedback and complaints management.

Other solutions we offer

As well as offering traditional customer experience solutions, we also provide advice on other relevant solutions from our portfolio to our customers from the ICT industry. Our portfolio of business support services features a range of options including the design and implementation of Public Key Infrastructures to encode digital communication channels as well as the digital archiving of orders and invoices.