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Public Sector

Our solutions for the public sector

Public sector companies and institutions currently find themselves in a difficult situation as they struggle to cope with both a rise in citizens’ expectations and a scarcity of resources. They face an ever-shifting series of challenges when it comes to providing government-supplied goods and services. Fortunately, Bosch Service Solutions’ portfolio of comprehensive services enables customers to turn these challenges into competitive advantages to ensure a successful and inspiring future.


Customer Care Services

Our customers include public transport operators, port authorities, urban agencies, and municipal authorities, all of whom benefit from our tailored services in the field of customer care.
Examples include our implementation of support hotlines and other technical hotlines in more than 30 languages and 15 countries worldwide, backed by our global Bosch network.

Other solutions we offer

Bosch Service Solutions also offers public sector companies a range of innovative solutions in the field of monitoring services.