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Astrid Lamm

Head of Sales and Key Account Management Travel and Transportation

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Travel & Transportation

Enhance your competitive edge with us – customer satisfaction and process optimization is the focus of our business, every day.

Unstable fuel prices, constantly changing market conditions and the increasing globalization have put tremendous pressure on today’s travel and transportation companies. Facing the trade-off between meeting changing customer’s expectations while keeping operational costs under control, is an enormous challenge.

In this highly competitive market, delivering excellent customer service and maximizing the profit margin of every customer contact is the key to success. Bosch Service Solutions provides innovative service concepts designed to strengthen your competitive edge and participate in the industry’s growth.

We can draw upon 15 years of experience in different segments of the travel and transportation industry. Leading companies trust in our service solutions and together with them, we create innovative ideas for an outstanding customer experience.



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Logistic companies face a challenging and dynamic business environment. Global operations, fragmented supply chains and changing rules and regulations result in a manifold of processes logistic companies have to handle.