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Acoustic Service Design


What does a first impression sound like?

Target group-oriented dialog design, authentic voices, and a perfectly designed sound architecture – when a customer calls you, your dialog system becomes an acoustic calling card. With sound atmospheres that are appropriate to the situation and an Acoustic Service Design that ties in with your CI, you will impress your customers right from the outset.

Acoustic Service Design from Bosch + comevis – we always strike the right note.

The No. 1 contact point – In future as well

Around 70 percent of all service-oriented contacts are made over the telephone. To be able to exploit this potential for your company and to offer the customer an impressive contact experience, you need:

  1. a technical platform that integrates perfectly into your infrastructure;
  2. service experts who always strike the right note, and;
  3. the sound concept, announcement voices and dialog architecture (callflow) that are appropriate to the occasion and company.

Acoustic Service Design offers you all of this – in premium quality.

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As a provider of auditory brand, sales, and service communication, comevis has developed the methodology of Sonic Profiling© and has been continually refining it for over a decade. It maps your service values and enables precise positioning within the competitive environment. In this way, comevis Sonic Profiling© leads to measurably greater customer satisfaction and new sales opportunities. Audible service quality that pays off – 365 days a year.


The best performance for your success

Acoustic Service Design combines the qualities and expertise of two innovative pioneers: Bosch + comevis. With a solid 14 years of international experience in strategy, creation, and design of unique dialog systems, comevis inspires customers from the widest variety of industries – B2B and B2C.

Hear for yourself by listening to a few, illustrious reference samples:


Bosch Service Solutions – is the right partner for your company. We combine analytical strength and technical know-how with strategic excellence. That is how we ensure your competitive advantage and provide your customers with a unique and positive company experience.