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Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring Solutions

Safety and security are valuable assets – and in our complex world they reflect some of people’s most basic needs. That’s why the protection of buildings and infrastructure is taking on increasing importance.

Bosch Service Solutions runs one of Germany’s biggest networks of monitoring centers. Our task is to provide you with guaranteed security and protection. In the event of an incident or emergency, our agents will take the necessary measures in consultation with you – from informing the police and fire service to managing the deployment of response teams on the ground.

With our ongoing certification to the EN 50518 standard on monitoring and alarm receiving centers, you can be confident of receiving the premium-quality standards of service that Bosch is renowned for.


Monitoring and intervention

Bosch Service Solutions combines technological know-how with the experience it has gained since establishing itself as a monitoring center operator in 1985.

We are the partner of choice for developing, implementing, and operating technology-driven, innovative security solutions. We offer tailored hardware, software, and services from a single source.

Condition Monitoring-Service

Innovative solutions from a single source

Our security solutions include 24/7 remote video surveillance to protect the interior and exterior of buildings, goods, and infrastructure. Our cloud-based remote surveillance solutions give you constant access to your property’s current status through secure, easy-to-use apps for smartphones and tablets.
We also offer comprehensive, innovative solutions in the field of condition monitoring.

For example, we can monitor technical installations, processes, and sensor-based data such as temperature, pressure, and fill level. In the event of critical deviations, we can immediately implement the necessary measures and safety precautions.

Our solutions also include elevator alarm systems, teleservices such as fault clearing and remote troubleshooting, and connections for fire and security alarms.


Bosch Service Solutions the right partner for your company. We draw on a potent combination of analytical skills, technical expertise, and strategic excellence to offer you maximum security and safety standards based on cutting-edge technologies.