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Business Support Services

Today’s companies are often required to tackle multiple challenges simultaneously. These range from issues such as cost optimization and staff reskilling to the task of establishing standardized systems across markets. Outsourcing your accounts payable process allows you to focus on your core business and helps support business decisions and provide strategic direction. In fact the decision to outsource business support functions can often lead to major improvements across multiple areas including process quality, efficiency, transparency and cost flexibility.

We offer services in the following three areas:


1. Value stream analysis and mapping

Value stream design is an extremely powerful method of analyzing processes and introducing sustainable improvements and has been shown to improve process efficiency by more than 15 percent. Bosch Service Solutions takes a broad approach that encompasses swim lane diagrams for effective visualization, the ‘Lean Ten’ characteristics of ideal processes, and a four-phase approach to Lean implementation – including proof of effectiveness – to make sure that the desired results are achieved.

Value Stream Analysis

2. Holistic solutions for end-to-end processes

Every business process should be viewed as an end-to-end collection of activities, a complete sequence of process steps with inputs and outputs. The relationships between those process steps are characterized by various interdependencies. End-to-end process design is the best way of optimizing total process costs and minimizing cost- and resource-intensive situations. We can help you define the lean processes that are right for you.


We ensure that the process design incorporates the optimum technology and tools to exploit the maximum automation potential for your organization (e.g. optical character recognition, workflow and business process management tools).

3. Operation of your business support processes

With our global network of service centers spread across 15 countries, we can offer efficient and effective services for your business support processes in more than 30 languages. Our state-of-the-art technologies can help you cut costs while achieving greater automation and increased data quality at the same time.


Bosch Service Solutions is the right partner for you. We combine analytical capabilities with technological know-how and operational excellence. This gives you a competitive edge and helps you achieve optimized end-to-end business support solutions.