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Acoustic Service Design

Acoustic Service Design

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Award winning company!

Award winning company!

Experience Solutions

Customer Experience Solutions

Customers are extremely important. If it is difficult, complicated or even a point of frustration for your customers to interact with your company, you miss the opportunity to turn customers into active promoters of your brand – or even risk losing them altogether. That’s why shaping customer interaction by delivering a unique customer experience at every customer touchpoint is a key part of running a successful business.

Our aim is to design Customer Experience Solutions that not only meet your customers’ needs, but that also have the potential to create enthusiasm for your brand while assuring a positive return on your customer interaction investments.

We offer services in the following three areas:


1. Customer experience analytics

It is important to have a completely transparent picture of the customer journey in different customer segments in order to assess the importance of each touchpoint for each target group.

Customer Journey
Net Promoter Score

This enables you to prioritize touchpoints and identify areas within the customer decision journey where your company needs to reinforce its presence. Touchpoint analysis also allows you to assess the quality of your existing touchpoints using systems such as the Net Promoter Score.

2. Customer experience design

We offer assistance in implementing social media solutions including self-service functions and their integration within a genuinely multi-channel solution.

Enhancing the existing infrastructure by implementing big data and data mining/analytics is another example of how we can help to improve customer interaction processes.

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3. Customer experience operations

Thanks to our global network of communication centers spread across 15 countries we are able to offer premium 24/7 services in more than 30 languages. State-of-the-art workforce management systems ensure optimum cost efficiency. And the high motivation and continuous training of our agents guarantee the quality that your brand deserves.

Bosch Service Solutions is the right partner for you. We combine analytical capabilities with technological know-how and operational excellence. This gives you a competitive edge, providing your customers with a truly unique customer experience.