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Mobility Services

The automotive industry is evolving at a tremendous pace. Developments have been equally dramatic in the field of Mobility Services, which provide modern companies with an effective means of standing out from the competition.

New technologies and an increasingly connected world provide the basis for a multitude of top-quality services. As well as improving safety and increasing efficiency, these services offer consumers a significant plus in terms of comfort.

The potential developments in Mobility Services are virtually boundless. At Bosch Service Solutions we group these services by function in the categories of eCall, breakdown assistance, concierge, maintenance, tracking and remote services. Our solutions for comfort and safety can be combined to meet each customer’s individual needs, making them the ideal choice for OEMs and the aftermarket.

As an innovative solution provider, we guarantee to offer you powerful hardware, custom-made platforms and comprehensive service solutions with the level of quality you have come to expect from Bosch. We develop high-quality and uniquely user-friendly services while simultaneously securing and monitoring all the complex processes that run in the background, thereby providing the perfect environment for optimized workflows.

Bosch Service Solutions plans, implements and operates service solutions on your behalf. Our auto industry background and decades of experience in affiliated sectors make us the perfect partner to tackle all your company’s needs.


We offer our services in the following three areas:


Bosch Service Solutions is the right partner for you. We combine analytical capabilities with technological know-how and operational excellence. This gives you a competitive edge, providing your customers with a truly unique customer experience.

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