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Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

The automotive industry is developing at a rapid pace, as is the field of Mobility Solutions, with which companies can effectively set themselves apart from their competitors.

New technologies and increasing global networking make a host of high-quality services possible. These not only provide maximum security and enhanced efficiency, but also offer consumers a high degree of convenience.

The development of new Mobility Solutions is virtually without limits. We offer you a wealth of helpful solutions. In the event of an accident or a breakdown, we provide support to car drivers with the customized car emergency call (eCall) or our breakdown and maintenance services. Furthermore, we offer individualized convenience solutions such as the Concierge Service as a personal assistant in the car or Remote Services, which allow you to operate your car from a distance. With our "Stolen Vehicle Tracking", we ensure that stolen cars are returned to their rightful owners. These convenience and security solutions can be individually combined and adapted to all customer requirements – ideal for automotive manufacturers as well as the end customer in the form of a retrofit solution.

As an innovative service designer, we guarantee customized platforms and holistic service solutions in Bosch quality. We develop high-quality and particularly user friendly services. Simultaneously, we back up and monitor all the complex processes in the background which ensure optimized procedures.

Bosch Service Solutions plans, implements and operates service solutions. Our origins in the automotive industry and decades of experience in associated industrial sectors make us the right partner for your company at all times.


Jointly with our customers, we create customized services in three phases:


Our solutions for the automotive industry

Today's world is highly networked and is changing rapidly. This offers companies many opportunities. As part of the Bosch Group – one of the world's major automotive suppliers – we are keenly aware of the challenges faced by our customers. With our solutions for the automotive industry, we help you to seize new technological opportunities and turn them into competitive advantages.

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