Our mission

Our mission

We inspire our customers with
technology-driven and
innovative service solutions.

Robert Mulatz
Senior Vice President
Bosch Service Solutions

Bosch Service Solutions
Innovative. International. Inspiring.


Our values for change and continuity

At Bosch Service Solutions we are committed to the seven Bosch values. They underpin the way we conduct our business and reflect our ethos in our dealings with business partners, capital providers, employees and society in general.

  1. Future and result focus
  2. Responsibility
  3. Initiative and determination
  4. Openness and trust
  5. Fairness
  6. Reliability, credibility and legality
  7. Cultural diversity

Compliance at Bosch

Robert Bosch wrote in 1921:

“In the long term, an honest and fair approach to doing business will always be the most profitable. And the business world holds such an approach in much higher esteem than is generally imagined.”

These words express a conviction to which we are equally committed today: the conviction that reliability, credibility, and in particular legality are indispensable elements of our business success.


Portrait Robert Mulatz

Senior Vice President Bosch Service Solutions