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We transform your company to become future-proof

Transform challenges into opportunities

Companies face major challenges. This is hardly surprising, given that our globalized world and digitization are driving change faster than ever before. End customers expect their concerns to be dealt with promptly and in the easiest way possible, no matter which channel they use to make contact with your company. We support you in the transformation process to become a company that is ready to face these challenges, ensuring that your customers remain interested. We combine innovative concepts, tools and technologies for tailored, perfectly integrated solutions.


Use of innovative methods and technologies


Tailored solutions for your company


Comprehensive analyses for an enhanced user experience

Discover our CX Transformation tools and methods:

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Voice of the Customer – deep understanding of the needs of your customers

Understanding each individual customer is the key to successful communication. We give you a detailed insight into your target groups based on the analysis of various sources of information – from direct dialog via social media to comprehensive survey data. We also offer active support for the planning and implementation of targeted measures for increasing high-value customer engagement while decreasing low-value contacts.


Customer Journey Mapping – higher customer satisfaction and sales success

Customers come into contact with your brand at many different points. With Customer Journey Mapping, we identify and analyze all touchpoints along the entire Customer Journey using different methodical approaches. This provides you with a framework for optimization to ensure great customer satisfaction – and increased sales.

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Business Process Management – solutions for consistently high service quality

As the number and complexity of corporate processes increases, so too does the potential for optimization. This requires the right concepts and technologies. We use workflow and digital performance management systems, knowledge databases or the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) to increase the productivity and quality of corporate processes. These benefits are designed to help you achieve your company's goals faster.

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Automation & Artificial Intelligence – our expert team for cost optimization

Design, automate and optimize – this is our comprehensive approach to the optimization of your processes. We offer smart IT splutions based on Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning for efficiency improvement, cost reduction and intelligent knowledge management. Our award-winning "Center of Excellence for Automation" selects the appropriate and flexible technology and partners to cover your needs and to automate repetitive tasks and processes through Robotic Process Automation.


Data Analytics – influence the future through data analysis

We can't predict the future, but we can influence it to a certain degree. Through comprehensive data analysis, we can draw conclusions regarding the previous behavior of your target groups and deduce forecasts concerning future behavior. Hence, we can optimize our processes in order to reduce costs and increase sales. We give your customers the answers that they require in a quicker and more selective manner.

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Self-Service - smart search throught knowledge management

We connect the digital with the real world through Augmented Reality. By the use of intelligent knowledge management we increase efficiency and reduce costs for example for technical support or remarkable sales experience. In that way we can enable a smooth customer self-service throught smart search with Chat Bots.

Why Bosch is the right partner for you

Service design expertise

Our solutions are designed based on the needs of your customers and your business goals.

Transformation approach

We apply innovative technology in order to deliver a unique customer experience and maximum efficiency.

Outcome-based business models

Our long-term strategic partnerships are based on contractual models which aim to increase the commercial success of our clients.

Delivery capabilities

We deliver services in Bosch quality with highest data security and compliance standards.

Multilingual, global services

With our global network of delivery sites, we provide services in approx. 40 languages.

Agility and customer centricity

We are quick to adapt and customize our services to the changing needs of our clients.

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Jacqueline Chapman
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