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Service Solutions

Designing service. Shaping success.

Bosch Service Solutions delivers exceptional levels of customer satisfaction with smart digital transformation.

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Products combined with efficient customer support thrive. We design service perfection.

Can you turn customers into fans? Add value and set your company apart from competitors with customer service support that is as well thought through as your product.

Today’s customer demands high-quality customer service. They expect tailored, individual service that is proactive and consistent across all channels. There are great challenges and boundless opportunities to provide customers with exceptional service. Intelligently designed interactions provide helpful data and an opportunity to engage with, excite, and impress customers.

The ability to deliver customer service becomes a definitive competitive factor. Effective support drives customer loyalty and sales revenue. Through Bosch Service Solutions digital transformation support, clients have been able to expand their business and success. Your company needs a partner who can deliver innovative and efficiently designed services from a holistic viewpoint. We want to be your Service Design partner.

“We are service designers driven by our passion to deliver seamless, exceptional customer experiences – architects of services created to delight your customers.“
Robert Mulatz, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing

We love great service as much as your customers do.

For us, good service design is bespoke to your business. We approach each project with an attitude of innovation. Like all passionate designers, we strive to deliver new approaches and set higher design standards. We don’t design iconic products; we design best-in-class intelligent services. Service involves all the interactions between you and your customers.

Intelligent services are those that generate the greatest benefit with minimal customer effort. AI-based automation makes them user friendly and delivers a consistent user experience. We do not, however, reinvent the wheel every time: We use a wide array of existing processes and technologies to quickly and efficiently customise solutions as unique as your business.

In a strategic partnership with our clients, we design good service in three steps.

Our design process identifies clear, deliverable objectives. We focus on holistic solutions that benefit your customers and your company. Each innovation should result in a win-win outcome.


We determine your priorities with an emphasis on:

  • Improving efficiency
  • Increasing sales revenue
  • Better understanding of end customer needs
  • Enhancing loyalty
  • Developing the entire customer experience (CX)
  • Improving the employee experience

Service design consulting

Explore the end-customer’s needs: Define the ideal combination of technology, people and processes to meet them.

Service delivery

Technology + People + Processes

Success Stories. Let’s write one together.

Digital > emotional > exceptional. We deepen your connection with your customers.

Our CX Suite offers everything you need to quickly and efficiently implement service solutions that will amaze your customers.

The CX Suite is a toolbox of well-coordinated modules that enable simple and needs-based development and implementation of services. The employed technologies and processes are state-of-the-art, allowing for an agile approach, and combined they create new service worlds and business models.

Our CX Suite has two significant benefits. Only the modules you need are integrated into your systems, and modules are streamlined on an ongoing basis with feedback from a wide variety of projects and industries.

CX Suite ready to serve your customers needs

Omnichannel platform

  • Voice (IN/OUT)
  • Digital channels
  • Back office

Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Customised CRM
  • Case management
  • Unified desktop

Knowledge management

  • Content management
  • E-learning
  • Workflow management

Digital sales

  • Virtual showrooms
  • Lead management
  • Appointment management

Artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Chatbots
  • Voicebots
  • Cognitive bots

Digital automation

  • Self service
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Process automation
  • Text analytics
  • Speech analytics

Business intelligence & analytics

  • Reporting
  • Data analytics
  • Business insights
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Voice of the customer
  • Quality & performance management

How we orchestrate our partners — for a holistic service experience

The Bosch Group works with the best partners. Each is the ultimate expert in their area of specialization. Partnering with them creates a comprehensive customer experience no single company can provide. Our combined capabilities provide advanced solutions in cutting-edge areas of automation, CRM, and interaction with IoT technologies.

Their areas of expertise include business process management, customer interaction management, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI). We’re honored to have such extraordinary partners who share our drive to innovate and expand their products and services.

Graphics with different partner logos: Automation Anywhere, Bosch, Geneys and Salesforce.
A selection of our partners.

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