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Bosch Aftermarket Telematic Services: Connected car services via retrofit device or app

What we do

In various cases older vehicles are not equipped with an embedded telematics unit for a connected service integration. This connectivity issue can be solved with the integration of a retrofit device and an additional smartphone app to any of our mobility solutions. Based on the client's requirements we can integrate all different connected car services: eCall, Concierge Service, Roadside Assistance and Emergency Assistance.

How you benefit from our service:

Service extension to non-connected fleets opens the possibility to reach new customer groups

Closing the differentiation of the customer base in terms of the available connected service portfolio

Similar service quality compared to the embedded solutions

How the driver benefits from Bosch Aftermarket Telematic Services:

  • Increased sense of security and convenience
  • Older vehicles can be upgrade with up-to-date services
  • Easy to handle: One solution for all services

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