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Bosch Fleet Management: Smart services for your fleet

Insurance companies, car rental companies, or leasing companies all have large fleets of vehicles. We offer individual service solutions for fleets of all types and sizes. We monitor and manage various types of fleets such as car sharing, service fleets or rental cars via sensors in the vehicles. We take over the accident and claims management from A-Z and offer inbound and outbound customer communication.

Accident recording & notification for corporate fleets

  • Recording and transmission of relevant crash data in case of an accident
  • Documentation of accident for claim management
  • Detection of the exact GPS position of the impact through vehicle sensors
  • Assurance of further mobility of driver (e.g. rental car)
  • Acceleration sensors trigger the g-forces that affected the vehicle during the collision
Top view of a fleet of vehicles

Additional services for car sharing provider

We provide a 360° Customer Experience:

  • Inbound/Outbound Services (e.g. for general information requests, reservations, complaints or follow up of registration support)
  • Real-Time Processing (e.g. tracking and reporting of each call, processing of reservations, changes of personal user data)
  • E-Mail Handling (e.g. customer complaints, customer invoice inquiries, reply to customer)
  • Social Media (e.g. account monitoring in realtime, daily web monitoring, co-browsing)

How you benefit from our service:

Real-time processing of data

Reporting of vehicle data in case of an accident and corresponding documentation

Highest level of privacy and security, data security as a key for service success

How the driver benefits from Bosch Fleet Management:

  • Support before, during and after the ride
  • Increased feeling of security
  • Support during challenging situations, e.g. breakdown, accident

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