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Bosch Vehicle and Occupant Care: Range of services for automated driving and shared mobility

Already today we are working on service offerings for the future mobility mix i.e. autonomous driving. The industry is getting ready and explores how the safety and security standards can be met when talking about autonomous car sharing with no driver on board anymore or what will happen in the event of a medical emergency? Bosch is working on the realization of the use case for mobility service providers to solve the cost intensive problem of not being able to detect the contamination (i.e. smoking) or vandalism of a fleet vehicle to one single customer.

What we do

With Bosch Vehicle and Occupant Care Services, we monitor the vehicle interior and the passengers. Our specially trained employees have a de-escalating effect on passengers in critical situations and can call in intervention partners if necessary.

Occupant Care

  • User identification (to unlock personalization)
  • Violence & assault (to protect passenger and vehicle)
  • Mood & activities (to serve optimal comfort and safety based on passenger profile)
  • Critical health status (to initiate emergency call)
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Vehicle Care

Objects - to detect forgotten items

Dirt detection - to detect moister and dirt

Fire intervention - to detect fire inside of the vehicle

Video monitoring - for remote assistance

Air quality - to detect cigarette smoke or stagnant air

Vandalism - to detect graffiti, scratches, broken displays

Occupation - to detect if people leaving plus seat occupation

How you benefit from our service:

Increased asset protection reducing fleet relevant costs


Realizing a higher customer satisfaction with ensuring more comfort and security peace of mind for the end-customers

Minimization of downtimes due to higher transparency

How the driver benefits from Bosch Vehicle and Occupant Care:

  • Establishes the highest ride comfort
  • Assuring passenger safety
  • Supporting passengers in various aspects of their journey
  • Detecting health issues and organizing professional help
  • Guaranteeing best condition of the vehicle used – interior and technical status

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