A hand presses the xCall button in a vehicle

Bosch xCall Management: One button to integrate various mobility services for the next level of customer centricity

With our xCall solution, we offer quick and easy access to a 360° customer experience. Bosch can provide a single point of direct contact for your customers for all services, giving them the confidence that we are taking care in any situation, no matter whether in the case of an accident, roadside assistance request or a lost car key – In any situation they find themselves in, your customers can count on our service experts. For unique, rapid and straightforward service support, the xCall solution is the right choice to enter the next level of customer centricity.

How you benefit from our service:


Increased customer centricity and next level customer experience

Trust building effect – driver can rely on manufacturer in any situation

Higher efficiency and cost reduction due to synergies in the service delivery

Single point of contact (SPOC)

High brand identification of service agents

Increased flexibility – integration of additional services is easily possible

How the driver benefits from Bosch xCall:

  • Peace of mind mobility for the end customer
  • Ease of use with always receiving the right help
  • Single point of contact (SPOC)

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