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Voice of the customer: Listen carefully for an improved customer understanding

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What we do

We provide methodologies, technology solutions and skilled personnel to capture the Voice of the Customer (VoC) across relevant channels (e.g. through surveys, speech recording). We analyze the VoC (e.g. through text and speech analytics) to provide actionable insights tailored to the needs and objectives of the different stakeholders in your organization. We develop effective closed-loop action frameworks to act on what your customers are telling us.

How you benefit from our service:

Deep understanding of customers’ true intents, needs and pain points

Increased awareness of stakeholders regarding customer needs

Systematic identification of action areas, which will make an impact on customer experience

Our approach for lasting transformation of customer experience

1. Capture: Capture the Voice of the Customer across all relevant channels

  • Survey management
  • Speech recording

2. Analyze: Analyze the Voice of the Customer and derive actionable insights

  • Ticket, text & speech analytics
  • Social coding
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Voice of the employee sessions

3. Inform: Provide relevant customer insights to different client stake-holders

  • Analysis of stake-holder and their objectives/ information needs
  • Tailored insight packages

4. Act: Develop closed-loop action frameworks to translate findings from Voice of the Customer into actions for ongoing transformation of the customer experience

  • Service recovery
  • VoC committee
  • Innovation think tank

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