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Bosch GuardMe

Personal emergency calls 24 hours a day

Lone worker in the elevator shaft, protected with Bosch GuardMe

Optimum safety – even when working alone

Employees who spend some or all of their time working out of sight and out of earshot of others are exposed to particular risks.

These lone workers live with the risk of accidents, medical emergencies, or criminal assaults going unnoticed. Quite apart from their legal obligations, good employers want to ensure that their lone workers are safe. The app-based solution Bosch GuardMe, which is certified as a lone worker protection solution by the German Employers' Liability Association, DGUV Test, detects critical situations automatically: if a lone worker has an accident, it sends an alarm message with the worker's last known location to the Bosch Monitoring Center.

In parallel it also establishes a voice connection with a Bosch associate using the smartphone's hands-free facility. If it is an emergency, the associate notifies the rescue services or other first-response partners so the lone worker can be tended to as quickly as possible. This not only gives employees a feeling of security but also helps to save lives, since in a medical emergency every minute counts.

Safety in the event of an emergency

Manual alerts by means of an SOS button; automatically triggered if personnel are unconscious or helpless

Always on hand

Personnel can be located using GPS or radio beacons

Always available

Anytime, anywhere – our service is always within reach

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Why Bosch is the right partner for you

Integrator expertise

We offer tailored solutions comprising sensor technology, software and services.

Flexible platform

Open standards and retrofit solutions allow monitoring across different manufacturers.

Service 24 hours a day

Our 24/7 monitoring centers keep a safe eye on your processes at all times and intervene if necessary.

Highest security standards

Our monitoring centers operate redundantly and are certified in accordance with EN50518 and VdS.

Extensive partner network

Our local partners guarantee rapid intervention on site.

Global network

Our services are available worldwide and in approx. 40 languages.

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