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As an in-house service provider, Bosch Service Solutions supports the Bosch Group with all central internal processes in areas including Finance and Accounting, Purchasing and Human Resource Management, as well as Marketing and Sales. We pool administrative tasks and ensure efficient processes. Our multifunctional and global approach enables us to exploit synergy potential and thus improve the competitiveness of Bosch.

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Finance and Accounting

We support the Bosch Group in all central accounting processes, from the digitization of invoices up to the validation of all relevant documents, as well as taking care of the general ledger, and creditor and debtor management for all outgoing and incoming payments. We work continuously on the improvement of our processes.

Human Resource Management

We provide comprehensive Human Resources Services for optimal support of Bosch associates. We deliver full payroll accounting management and provide targeted recruitment support, for example in the form of international assignment services. For operations, we offer an easily accessible Human Resources Front Office and professional, prompt IT support.


We support purchasing through the provision of standardized processes. We conduct a best price analysis to select the most cost-effective sources and offer full first and second level support for all incoming requests, purchasers and suppliers. We also provide complete management of the Bosch eCatalogue platform.

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