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"You might say we're like guardian angels."

Cliff and Sharon talk about their work as operations managers at Bosch.

Cliff and Sharon

Meet Sharon and Cliff two of our operations managers responsible for our Roadside Assistance Service.

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"Providing very fast solutions requires a really good plan."

Bosch Service Solutions offers a comprehensive full service: we organize and support the inbound channels for our external partners and internal Bosch customers around the world. Competent information, complex booking processes or immediate emergency support - we find fast and efficient solutions for tens of thousands of individual inquiries every day.

The key here always lies with the people who keep track of all technical processes and all the details. Two of our international operation managers offer an insight into their work:

"Providing help always requires teamwork."

Sharon and Cliff are always happy to provide help and advice. They work together at the Bosch Service Solutions site in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where they head up support for the Roadside Assistance Service (RSA) in North America for our a new automotive client.

From flat tires to engine breakdowns or other unforeseen events, the Bosch RSA service ensures that people are back on the road as quickly as possible.

After all, Sharon and Cliff’s teams at the service center in Florida are only ever a phone call or the press of a button away.

Cliff and Sharon standing at the car

"You might say we're like guardian angels."

It goes without saying that Sharon and Cliff's own career paths led them to Bosch with a few stops along the way. Cliff arrived in the United States from Haiti at the age of 14. After finishing school, he discovered a great interest in technology. He joined the team at Bosch and brought a great deal of enthusiasm into the job. Since 2015, he has been a permanent member of the team responsible for this automotive client.

Sharon started her career at a major financial service provider and, after several stops and leadership positions in customer service, she joined Bosch in Florida in 2015.

Two different career paths, but both with the same goal: to be there when people need them. "We help the helpers to help people," says Sharon, describing her work as an operations manager. "Our shift team consists of 48 people. Together, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, aiming to solve problems as quickly as possible."

This only works in a team with well-planned, well-rehearsed processes. As operations managers, Sharon and Cliff have a solid overview, and thus coordinate everything communicating in a clear, efficient manner.

"We are always challenging ourselves."

"Quality is enormously important at Bosch. There are clear guidelines that we always aim to meet in full, even at two o'clock on a Sunday morning," says Cliff.

Sharon adds: "Direct services for people are always challenges in themselves. This is especially the case when you have to meet really big demands." However, she describes this as a positive stress: "We manage to prepare our team for most eventualities really well. We have scenarios for every situation. After all, this is Bosch."

Incidentally, the two operations managers also agree on the best way to quickly recharge their batteries after work: the Bosch office is only a few minutes from the Atlantic, “a good bike ride will help you to reset” says Cliff. You can catch them riding along the beach for miles without stopping.

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