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"You should collaborate with the machine – and not be replaced by it."

Irfan in front of colored background. He gesticulates with his hands.

Irfan, Organization Operation Management at Bosch Service Solutions.

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Irfan stands at an angle to the camera in front of a white wall. He is not looking into the camera.

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. Here, complex business processes are managed by individually adapted "software robots". These so-called bots can take over routine tasks via existing applications. Error-free and highly efficiently.

Optimizing processes and efficiency enhancement are part of Irfan's area of expertise. The Indian native began his career after completing studies as an accountant at Bosch India. He worked at locations in Germany, Japan and India, applying his expertise to optimized work processes. In 2016 he moved to Germany. "My goal here was clear: I wanted to find a way to make international and cross-company accounting processes even more efficient."

The now 34-year old found the solution to this goal in the area of Robotic Process Automation. Together with a small team, Irfan began to implement the technology for the procurement area. With success: "In September 2016, we presented our project to the Board of Management, who gave us their go-ahead. I must say that this was one of the best moments of my career.“ His team has now grown to 25 specialists, including RPA consultants, process experts, application developers and programmers. Irfan has already won several awards with them. And the Everest Group now designates Bosch as a leader in the "Pinnacle Enterprise" model for Robotic Process Automation.

"Lean processes for maximum efficiency."

The successful project manager is also particularly pleased about the positive feedback from customers: "RPA enables them to achieve higher productivity, accuracy, scalability of processes and, last but not least, savings." Despite all optimization and automation, the human being remains his focus. A very personal project makes this even clearer: "Before I came to Germany, I built the digital footprint of a not-for-profit school, which was founded and managed by my family, in our native village." A social commitment to the future of the local people.

Irfan sees the future at Bosch in the area of RPA, cognitive robotics and artificial intelligence, in systems that develop their knowledge autonomously from data, and adapt to specific situations. He is not concerned that robots could eventually replace humans. "I think, that robots will simply become our colleagues, taking over tasks from us, which are repetitive and boring for us humans."

Irfan in front of a green wall. Portrait

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