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"Thanks to its size, Bosch provides plenty of room for big ideas."

Pantea talks about working as an Operations Manager with Bosch

Pantea looks into the camera

Bosch Service Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services. We organize and support the inbound channels for our external partners and internal Bosch customers around the world. Competent information, complex booking processes or fast emergency support – we find the right solution for tens of thousands of inquiries every day.

The key here lies with our associates, who keep track of all technical processes and always see the bigger picture as well as all the details. One of our International Operations Managers offers an insight into her work.

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Pantea has been responsible for global management for one of our key automotive customers since last year. Her career with Bosch began with global move. Born in 1975 in Teheran, she came to Germany with her family as an 11-year-old. After graduating from high school, her path to us was anything but direct. She had jobs in marketing, studied interior design and worked in TV before eventually coming to Berlin – where she joined Bosch Service Solutions in 2014. She began her career with us as an agent and then went on to become a trainer, lead trainer and team leader before ultimately taking on the position of Deputy OPM.

Pantea looks into the camera
"You have to be able to try to understand the processes." Pantea, Operations Manager (OPM), Bosch Service Solutions, Fort Lauderdale, USA and Berlin, Germany
"For me, having experience of different industries isn't just an expression that you see in job advertisements."

"I made a conscious decision to choose Bosch as an employer. The company impressed me right from the beginning. Internal development is actively encouraged. Potential is identified and fostered in a number of areas." The expansion of the Berlin offices provided additional challenges for Pantea. In 2017, she switched to development work for a German premium sports car manufacturer, where she held the post of OPM and was responsible for the locations in Berlin and in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Essential to her role as OPM is what Pantea describes as a "bird's eye view": "You must recognize the efficiency of individual processes just as clearly as you would for the project potential." She values the fact that her job isn't just a series of daily routine tasks. Changing challenges provide plenty of opportunities to make a real difference. She finds the open corporate culture exciting: "Trust is the basis of everything we do. For me, personal contact and open communication within and with my team are extremely important."

Another major advantage that she sees in the Bosch Group are the "many synergy effects in the company – across departments as well as globally." Open-mindedness is a huge source of inspiration: "We are an international team through and through. At every corner you hear a different language."

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