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"For us, team management means being there every step of the way, right at the forefront."

Susanne talks about working as a team leader with Bosch

Susanne stands in front of a blue wall, looks into the camera

Bosch Service Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services. We organize and support the inbound channels for our external partners and internal Bosch customers around the world. Competent information, complex booking processes or fast emergency support – our associates find the right solution for tens of thousands of inquiries every day.

They are trained, managed and supported by team leaders like Susanne.

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Susanne stands in front of a blue wall, looks into the camera
"At Bosch, you never stop learning." Susanne, team leader, Bosch Service Solutions, Magdeburg, Germany

Susanne has been with Bosch Service Solutions since the beginning of 2010. In her role as team leader and Deputy OPM at the location in Magdeburg, she supports the training organization and consultancy (BOB) department for the various Bosch plants. 70 colleagues work at the internal service for training and further education for Bosch associates across all German locations.

"Employee motivation has always been my topic. In theory and in practice, "says Susanne, who had written her thesis on this topic. At Bosch, however, she first started in the financial administration. There she also took over the team management after the birth of her first child. With the second child came the next career step: After the parental leave, Susanne joined the BOB in Magdeburg as a team leader.

"We are a service provider. Our service is knowledge."

The Dresden native works with her team to organize seminars and events. The topics covered are as diverse as the Bosch range itself and include training for new software, presentations on data protection guidelines, courses in presentation techniques, multilevel training programs for executives and, of course, a wide range of technical training courses. "Training is an ongoing activity. Bosch is a development company, an innovator. It goes without saying that we must also continuously expand our own knowledge as well."

"The team leader is the central interface."

Her team ensures that knowledge reaches the right people. Susanne sits right in the middle. "I'm like the middle of a sandwich. On one side are my customers – the individual Bosch locations with their requests – and on the other side is my team. The first task is to find out what we need to do. Then we need to determine who does what and when." Despite the generally extensive coordination efforts, Susanne feels very comfortable operating at this interface. "You start by taking a step back to get a clear picture. Then you can move forward much more quickly."

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