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"Yes, it's challenging. But that's what makes it exciting."

Tim talks about working as an Operations Manager with Bosch

Tim looks into the camera

Bosch Service Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services. We organize and support the inbound channels for our external partners and internal Bosch customers around the world. Competent information, complex booking processes or fast emergency support – we find the right solution for tens of thousands of inquiries every day.

The key here lies with our associates, who keep track of all technical processes and always see the bigger picture as well as all the details. One of our International Operations Managers offers an insight into his work.

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Tim looks into the camera
"You need to have a good grasp of figures and their significance." Tim, Central Planning and Reporting, Magdeburg, Germany

What started out as a regular summer job after completing his journalism degree, soon became a launchpad for a management career for Tim. The 37-year-old began his career with Bosch in 2009, when he took up a position as a Service Center agent in Magdeburg. In this role he provided breakdown service and traffic information support for a German automobile club. He was quickly promoted to shift supervisor and eventually took over the day-to-day management of the operation.

"As a planner, I always look at the big picture."

"Organizational talent is a solid foundation, but it's only the starting point," says Tim. In daily operations management, he monitors deployment plans and coordinates current projects. "You need to have a good grasp of figures – and of the actual impact of these figures in reality. Are there bottlenecks? Or options for adjustment? Where is there room for structural optimization? Every parameter change involves changes, which in turn trigger further changes. You always have to think one step ahead."

"I like having the freedom to define the processes myself."

For all the tasks that he performs, Tim can rely on the support of an experienced team – not just in his own department, but throughout the entire global Bosch network. It is this combination – the structured organization of a large, innovative company with a great deal of individual freedom – that he values so highly at Bosch. The most important part of his job involves finding new solutions, developing visions and "making the real difference by actually putting them into practice."

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