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X-ray image of a car

Solutions for intelligent vehicle and passenger monitoring

Make sure that your customers never miss a thing on their journey.

We ensure that drivers have everything under control – from optimal air quality through current seat occupation to damage or impurities affecting the interior, the instruments or the bodywork. Intelligent sensors analyze all key activities in and on the vehicle while on the move and keep a safe eye on the passengers. For example, they can identify the passengers when they get into the vehicle or measure the driver's heart rate. Bosch Interior Sensing Services ensure maximum safety and convenience for your customers at all times. For a perfect driving experience.


Optimum control thanks to the intelligent sensor network.


Combinable solutions for a wide range of purposes.


Seamless, fully automated interaction with other Bosch Mobility Services.

Car from the inside, icons and connecting lines to illustrate the sensors

Vehicle always under control

Bosch Interior Sensing Services offer a wide range of solutions for continuous vehicle monitoring:

Objects Sensor

Detects objects left behind in the vehicle

Dirt Sensor

Detects impurities in the vehicle's interior

Fire Sensor

Detects fire hazards in the vehicle's interior


Monitors the vehicle interior

Air Quality Sensor

Detects cigarette smoke and poor interior air quality