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Always on board when your freight is on the move

Monitoring 24 hours a day – all around the world

The logistics sector faces many challenges in our globally connected economy. Raw materials, parts and finished products are traveling ever longer distances, by different means of transportation and transport providers. These transport providers are under intense competitive pressure and constraints by authorities, having to deal with ever decreasing timeframes and rising compensation costs, and in addition must calculate the risks posed by crime as well as extreme climatic events. With Bosch you are well prepared. Thanks to IoT-based supply chain management and the use of innovative sensor and tracking technologies, you and your customers have access to extensive information regarding the location and status of your deliveries. At all times.

Maximum transparency

Always informed about the location and condition of deliveries – thanks to real-time tracking and state-of-the-art sensor technology

Comprehensive security

Effective measures to protect against theft, loss or damage

Effective cost reduction

Elimination of costs thanks to optimized procedures in the delivery process

Truck driving on a road with mountains in the background, including a picture of a satellite and globe.

Real-Time Tracking & Tracing - efficient fleet management with precise planning

Transparency is a crucial success factor when managing large vehicle fleets. With Bosch, you always know precisely where each vehicle is and what it is carrying. In the event of sudden deviances to plan you can respond just as quickly as you can to new orders, and route planning is simplified. This minimizes empty runs, travel times and, last but not least, fuel consumption.

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Mobile Security – security for drivers, fleet and freight

As the volume of goods traffic increases, so too does the risk of theft. Freight or vehicle loss and damage can mean high costs. With Bosch, security is by your side all the way. With real-time tracking you can keep an eye on your fleet and freight at all times. Whether it's unauthorized access, significant deviations from the planned route or an emergency call from the driver, our service associates respond immediately and take all the necessary steps required.

Container being transported by vehicle, including a picture of a satellite and thermometer.

Monitoring of Freight Condition and Temperature – ideal conditions for your success

One strong impact during loading or slight temperature deviations can ruin highly sensitive or perishable goods. Using the latest sensor technology, Bosch gives you comprehensive transparency about important condition parameters such as temperature, pressure or air humidity as well as vibration and shaking. Deviations can be corrected directly during transport. Your goods thus reach their destination in perfect condition.

Highway with traffic jam viewed from above, including drawing with traffic warning, stopwatch and satellite.

Real-Time ETA Forecasting – know when exactly which freight is arriving

A schedule can be affected by many factors – bad weather, waiting times during loading or customs. With Real-Time ETA Forecasting, you and your customers always know exactly when a delivery will arrive. Thanks to real-time tracking of the vehicle position in combination with current traffic data, our associates can adapt route plans and schedules according to the prevailing conditions and communicate with the drivers and the responsible persons at the destination if needed.

Truck driving on a road in the snow, including drawing of warning triangle.

Supply Chain Risk Management – a supply chain with no weak links

Longer distances increase the risks of disrupting the supply chain, leading to unplanned costs – be it due to weather, political crises, strikes or coordination problems between trade partners and service providers. We provide you and your customers with all the information you need - from a single source, 24 hours a day. Problems in the supply chain can be identified and corrected immediately, and delays communicated directly. For a smooth delivery process from start to finish.

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Secure Truck Parking – the highway parking revolution

Accidents caused by sleep deprivation, increased fuel consumption, thefts from unsurveilled lots – the lack of truck parking facilities along highways has wide-reaching consequences. Bosch has a simple and secure solution. Secure Truck Parking connects the parking lot infrastructure with the information systems of dispatchers and truck drivers. In real time. With dynamic services we make logistics faster, more secure and more efficient.


is the expected increase per year in the number of installed tracking systems until 2020.


of companies use digital supply chain technologies or are planning to use them in the near future.

Why Bosch is the right partner for you

Integrator expertise

We offer tailored solutions comprising sensor technology, software and services.

Flexible platform

Open standards and retrofit solutions allow monitoring across different manufacturers.

Service around the clock

Our 24/7 monitoring centers keep a safe eye on your processes at all times and intervene if necessary.

Highest security standards

Our monitoring centers operate redundantly and are certified in accordance with EN50518 and VdS.

Extensive partner network

Our local partners guarantee rapid intervention on site.

Global network

Our services are available worldwide and in approx. 40 languages.

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Matthias Trautner
Matthias Trautner
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