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Get connected for more opportunities – and fewer risks

Solutions that keep an eye on everything. Especially your success.

We live in an age of unprecedented global connectivity. This is evident across all sectors in Industry 4.0. Highly automated processes are making production more efficient – but also more prone to defects. As an integrator, we gather comprehensive data from technical systems of different manufacturers, which we then use to provide individual analysis tools and added value services such as real-time monitoring or the efficient planning of maintenance. We also work with you to develop new business models – such as XaaS – which offer benefits for you and your customers.

Reduced downtimes

Real-time monitoring of all relevant system parameters helps to identify problems quickly and supports efficient maintenance planning

Lower costs

Maintenance and repairs are performed when they are actually needed – resulting in lower costs thanks to the efficient use of resources and reduced downtimes


Direct access to functionality and comprehensive asset data through our service centers

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Condition Monitoring – stay fully informed at all times

Sometimes it is the smallest of signals that indicates a big problem. Thanks to the recording, visualization and analysis of all important data of your assets in real time, you can now identify and locate even the smallest of deviations from standard values at an early stage. Our service associates work with you to assess possible risks and you can then take appropriate action.

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Predictive Maintenance – maintenance at exactly the right time

You can't look inside a machine? At least, that's how it was for a long time. Now, thanks to sensor technology, real-time data and comprehensive comparative values, you can see precisely how much wear there is on every part. Maintenance times are no longer determined by predefined intervals, but on the basis of actual requirements. We can identify when spare parts are needed and order them at an early stage. This keeps downtimes to a minimum. And reduces the associated costs.

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Remote Service – always on site, even if no one is there

In 2016, around 6.4 billion devices were connected to the Internet of Things. This figure is set to triple by 2020. However, the benefits of autonomous devices can quickly turn into problems, especially when service involves long journeys. With Remote Service you and your customers benefit from our 24-hour maintenance service, through which we identify and rectify faults by remote access. In addition, you have online access to all device data, with which an on-site service can be prepared for and carried out efficiently.

50% savings

With Predictive Maintenance you can reduce maintenance costs by up to half.

Why Bosch is the right partner for you

Integrator expertise

We have extensive expertise, acquired over many decades, as a central player in the automotive sector.

Flexible platform

We offer tailored solutions comprising sensor technology, software and services.

Service 24 hours a day

Our 24/7 monitoring centers keep a safe eye on your processes at all times and intervene if necessary.

Highest security standards

Our monitoring centers operate redundantly and are certified in accordance with EN50518 and VdS.

Extensive partner network

Our local partners guarantee rapid intervention on site.

Global network

Our services are available worldwide and in approx. 40 languages.

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