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Working safely is always a matter of teamwork

Optimum safety – even when working alone

There are workplaces where employees are completely alone, out of sight and out of earshot, or in risky environments. In the worst case scenario, if an accident occurs, the person concerned may not be in a position to make an emergency call. Lone Worker Protection is a service that your employees can always rely on. It is based on personal emergency call devices, that make it possible to pinpoint locations using GPS or radio beacons. In addition to a manual SOS button, these devices come with automatic trigger functions informing the monitoring center in the event of a fall, for example. Our associates contact the affected person immediately and raise the alarm at the local rescue services if necessary.

Safety in the event of an emergency

Manual alerts by means of an SOS button; automatically triggered if personnel are unconscious or helpless

Always on hand

Personnel can be located using GPS or radio beacons

Always available

Anytime, anywhere – our service is always within reach

Why Bosch is the right partner for you

Integrator expertise

We offer tailored solutions comprising sensor technology, software and services.

Flexible platform

Open standards and retrofit solutions allow monitoring across different manufacturers.

Service 24 hours a day

Our 24/7 monitoring centers keep a safe eye on your processes at all times and intervene if necessary.

Highest security standards

Our monitoring centers operate redundantly and are certified in accordance with EN50518 and VdS.

Extensive partner network

Our local partners guarantee rapid intervention on site.

Global network

Our services are available worldwide and in approx. 40 languages.

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Matthias Trautner
Matthias Trautner
Head of Global Competence Center Smart Monitoring & Logistics Services