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"From receptionist to manager."

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General Manager in Timişoara/Romania

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Raluca is one of those people who seems to be able to take on any job. She began working in customer service for the telecommunications provider “Orange” while studying economics at the University of Timişoara. Bosch later acquired the company where she worked, and she gradually gained experience as a trainer for call center agents and in HR and Sales before eventually becoming General Manager. We meet her to find out what she has learned along the way, why she is a rational rebel and what all of this has to do with Mozart's Requiem.

Raluca sitting in front of a plant.

I don't believe in hierarchies, but I do believe in the authority of reason.


Raluca, how did you plan your career?

Raluca: I've never followed a plan. Sometimes things happen that were never planned. As a student, I applied to "Orange" for a scholarship and got a job as a customer service representative in the call center. At first I thought: Why would I want to become a receptionist? That was my opinion of customer support at the time. However, I then began to realize how motivating it is to help someone, even if it can be very stressful sometimes. I noticed that my customers were grateful for my help. This experience definitely laid the foundation for my career. My advice is to be open and to try new things. You have to see how it feels and then build on that.

What motivates you?

Raluca: My aim is to strengthen the organization and the team. I love to see people grow and learn. I encourage young people in particular not to try to be perfect every day, but to look at the bigger picture instead, as we often can't see the wood for the trees. I encourage them to simplify things, because clarity helps us to identify and eliminate problems.

"Do I contribute something? If not, what is required in order to make this contribution? What is expected of me and how can I contribute?"

How do you achieve this clarity?

Raluca: Do I contribute? If not, what is required in order to make this contribution? What is expected of me and how can I contribute?" Try to find the answers to these questions and the benefit will become clear to you. These types of questions are always useful when it comes to meeting requirements and expectations.

Some people say that you are a very direct person.

Raluca: Yes, I am very direct and transparent. Most people appreciate that. I see myself as a rational rebel. Someone who thinks it is right to question instructions if they make no sense in terms of the bigger picture. I don't believe in hierarchies, but I do believe in the authority of reason. That's how I find talent within the organization – people who are intelligent, have the right skills and possess the courage to do something because it's right. That always impresses me.

Where do you get your energy?

Raluca: These days I get a great deal of energy from my family. But I also take care of myself. I have learned to be accountable for my actions without being affected by emotional strain when something bad happens. And I maintain balance through dance and music. I love Mozart's Requiem. It makes me happy.

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