Jessie looks into the camera

"You have to be very patient. And then act quickly."

Jessie talks about working as a service agent at Bosch

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Bosch Service Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services. We organize and support the inbound channels for our external partners and internal Bosch customers around the world. Competent information, complex booking processes or fast emergency support – we find the right solution for tens of thousands of inquiries every day.

Meet Jessie, a service associate from the Philippines, and find out why person-to-person communication is sometimes still the best technology.

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"Challenges are enjoyable when you've been trained to overcome them."

Jessie feels he is challenged professionally. However, because he was well trained for his role, he doesn't feel stressed. In fact, being able to help resolve problems makes him feel good, even on days when he has to deal with a large number of inquiries. Jessie has a very simple formula: "Problems are there to be solved. I learn a great deal from them. And I can use what I've learned to help people quickly."

The things that Jessie likes most about his job are the structured approach to work, the clear processes, and the well-established network in all locations. "The good organization that exists at Bosch means that I'm free to concentrate on my actual work. I'm a service provider. The better I do my job, the more satisfied my customer is at the end of the day."

"Bosch is like my second home."

"I drive 31 kilometers to work every day. In Manila, that's a very long distance. But for me it doesn't feel like going to work, it's more like traveling to my second home." Jessie says that Bosch has given him more than just a job. "Here I have the freedom to work independently. This freedom and the confidence that you gain are very special. They are what makes the job here "my" job.

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