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Intelligent connectivity on all levels

Solutions for innovative facility management

Welcome to the future. The Internet of Things (IoT) offers your company a multitude of new options for effective facility management. By connecting different systems and infrastructures – for example elevators, air conditioning systems or cooling systems – the execution and monitoring of many tasks can be automated. This not only makes it possible for you to meet the highest security standards, but also opens up promising new business models in this area. We keep an eye on the things that matter: buildings, technology – and the future.

Service around the clock

Our 24/7 services provide you with support whenever you need it – no exceptions.

Complete solutions from a single source

We offer tailored, manufacturer-independent solutions comprising hardware, software and services.

Industry-specific expertise

We are familiar with all relevant standards and will inform you proactively of any changes.

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Alarm Monitoring

We receive and evaluate notifications from fire alarm systems as well as intrusion and panic alarm systems. In case of emergency, our 24/7 monitoring center involves the police and fire service or private intervention.

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Elevator Emergency

Being stuck in an elevator is a nightmare scenario. In such situations it is crucial to rescue the people who are trapped as soon as possible. With a permanently manned emergency call center and a comprehensive local partner network, we can provide assistance quickly when needed.

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Video Monitoring

We secure buildings and valuable assets with remote video surveillance from our monitoring center, which is manned 24 hours a day. If required, we provide immediate assistance through intervention partners and reduce costs through the pre-qualification of false alarms. Intelligent video technology supports preventive monitoring, thus avoiding possible break-ins.

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Smart Home

Buildings are monitored automatically when the residents are absent. The 24/7 monitoring center responds according to a tailored action plan when a critical event occurs.

Why Bosch is the right partner for you

Integrator expertise

We offer tailored solutions comprising sensor technology, software and services.

Flexible platform

Open standards and retrofit solutions allow monitoring across different hardware manufacturers.

Service around the clock

Our 24/7 monitoring centers keep an eye on your processes at all times and intervene if necessary.

Highest security standards

Our monitoring centers operate redundantly and are certified in accordance with EN50518 and VdS.

Extensive partner network

Our local partners guarantee rapid intervention on site.

Global network

Our services are available worldwide and in approx. 40 languages.

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Matthias Trautner
Matthias Trautner
Head of Global Competence Center Smart Monitoring & Logistics Services