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Our location in Brazil: Joinville

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Bosch Services Solutions Latin America has an office located in Joinville/ Santa Catarina – Brazil. With more than one thousand employees in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Peru, Bosch Service Solutions Latin America has the expertise in Customer Services for B2B and B2C, Monitoring for Cold Chain as well as Roadside Assistance Services. We also provide professional services for the Robert Bosch Group in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, USA, Germany, India, China, and Hungary.

From Administrative Assistant to Robot Developer

The story of Rodrigo Stinghen and his path to RPA

Ten years ago, Rodrigo Stinghen started his career at Bosch in Brazil as an Administrative Assistant at the National Accounts Payable department. With time, Rodrigo became an Analyst in the Internal Controls department (now called Monitoring Procedures) where he focused on data security and access management coordination.

Since the beginning of 2020, Rodrigo switched to a new position as Robot Developer for administrative processes. Tapping into his experience, his understanding of the needs of both customers and internal resources and having received training in specialist RPA software, Rodrigo is now at the forefront of innovation within Bosch Service Solutions LA.

Rodrigo Stinghen looks into the camera

Today I create and test robots in order to automate repetitive tasks on the services offered by our division.

Rodrigo Stinghen, Robot Developer

His goal is to release human talent from repetitive tasks, so that associates can focus on tasks, which will bring more value to the Bosch organization. This means mapping tasks, which have the potential of being automated, and then applying changes (process shaping, as it is called). This results in building interfaces between applications using bots, which run themselves.

Bosch Service Solutions LA has an on-going project in partnership with several divisions at Bosch Brazil, Argentina and, soon, Chile, and is also planning to make automation with RPA available to our external customers.

Automation with RPA has many benefits for both the service provider and service receiver as it increases the productivity rate, accuracy and reliability whilst reducing the burden on IT and ensuring greater compliance.

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Promote employees in the field of digitalization

At Bosch Service Solutions LA we are constantly improving our services, bringing technology and innovation to our processes. This is an amazing opportunity to transform the business and provide a growth and learning environment for our employees. With two Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Ambassadors and thirteen volunteer members, we have been deploying around 50 projects related to automation.

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We are looking for people who want to transform their ideas into innovative technologies and solutions. Discover job offers and become part of our team.