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Service design for an inspiring brand experience and efficient customer interaction

We develop innovative business models based on the latest technology in order to create an inspiring brand experience for your customers. Discover how to move your business forward with our tailored Customer Experience, Mobility and Monitoring services – bringing you closer to your customers and making you more effective in the face of competition.

Frost & Sullivan Award

As pioneers in the Business Process Outsourcing sector, we are pleased to have won the Frost & Sullivan's 2018 Technology Leadership Award.

This prestigious consulting company honors the end-to-end implementation of digitization through the use of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence. They were implemented into a holistic strategy to improve the entire service chain.

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Customer Experience Services

How can you make every contact with your products and every interaction with your services an inspiring, unique experience? How do you differentiate yourself from the competition? How do you turn your customers into enthusiastic ambassadors of your brand?

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Mobility Services

How do you offer as much comfort as possible to your customers? How do you fulfill their desire for independence and maximum safety? And how do you achieve this as efficiently and effectively as possible - with highest quality and reliability?

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Monitoring Services

How do you maintain the best overview of your infrastructure? How do you monitor and ensure the maximum safety of your fleet and cargo in order to achieve the greatest possible efficiency of your transport? 24 hours per day, seven days per week, all year round – worldwide?

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Business Services

As specialists for service design with cross-industry experience, we take over the business processes of our Bosch clients. Our innovative services excel through the use of advanced technologies in order to create more efficient processes and enhance service quality on a sustainable basis.

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Shared Services

As an internal service provider, we support Bosch departments by pooling transactional and administrative tasks to increase efficiency. We help to create more efficient processes, leverage synergy potential and enhance service quality by using advanced digital technologies combined with a cross-functional and global approach.

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