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Financial services for companies in the mobility sector

The design and quality of your products speak for themselves. But what about financing for your customers? We support your sales process with our vehicle financing services. The good feeling of finding a suitable financing solution can give your customers the final push they need to ultimately choose your brand.

A woman and a man are sitting in front of a desk in a car dealership; the woman smilingly accepts a car key.

We simplify vehicle financing for your customers – and for you

When buying a vehicle, customers often opt for the financing models offered by vehicle manufacturers. However, this financing process is very time-consuming for a car dealership. In addition to drawing up the agreement, employees must look after the customer over the entire term of the agreement and handle any possible agreement extensions. This requires constant communication with customers, dealers, insurance companies, and other parties involved – and the handling of a large number of agreement documents.

We simplify these processes by supporting car dealerships with financial services. Our associates draw up the lease and financing agreements and conclude them with your customers. We take care of your daily customer contact for all aspects of financial services and use up-selling and cross-selling opportunities as soon as they arise. Toward the end of the financing agreement, our associates negotiate extensions in accordance with your requirements. Or they can support your customers in choosing vehicles from your brand again.

A woman and a man are sitting in front of a desk in a car dealership; the man is signing various agreement documents.

Services throughout the Customer Journey

We deliver high-quality communication with your customers across all channels.

Your benefits

Your dealers can spend more time and effort on actual sales

One face to the customer for the entire Customer Journey – from agreement initiation to possible agreement extension

Greater efficiency through automation elements and end-to-end integration of service processes

Up to 50% of all service processes have the potential to be automated

Automation helps to make service processes faster, easier, and more efficient. Because bots perform the same, repetitive tasks, our service experts can focus on personal interaction with your customers.

This is how we help you to become more competitive on the market

At the same time, our service experts deliver an exceptional customer experience

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Facts and figures

Integrate Bosch Mobility Services: a powerful overall package with many advantages

Mobility Services such as Roadside Assistance or Accident Management

  • End-to-end integration of service processes
  • Increased transparency about the vehicle status
  • Faster complaints processing
  • Proactive customer support
  • A great customer experience

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Why Bosch Service Solutions?


We're specialists in all services for ensuring safe and more convenient, comfortable, and efficient mobility

Service design approach

We design our services based on the needs and business goals of your customers

Integrator expertise

Continuous partner management and digital connectivity of systems

Multilingual, global services

With our global network, we perform our services in more than 40 different languages

Agile and customer-focused approach

We quickly adapt our services to the changing needs and requirements of our customers

Compliance & data protection

We deliver services in Bosch quality and to most stringent compliance, data protection and privacy requirements

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