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Cargo Objects XT: Software for automotive logistics

New cars at a logistics facility

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Every day, thousands of vehicles are manufactured, imported, exported, and transported. Our web-based scheduling and business software seamlessly connects you with your clients and provides you with processes designed exclusively for automotive logistics. As a cloud application, Cargo Objects XT is available to you anywhere, anytime – with no need to install software on your computer and no local IT infrastructure costs. All your data is stored securely in one of Germany's largest data centers.


Cargo Objects XT allows you to create an order in rapid time and send it directly to your driver's cockpit. Order entry requires just a few clicks or can run fully automatically via interfaces or the import of tables. You can also create your routes in no time using drag-and-drop and transform them into prepared loading lists.

No matter what your requirements – fixed connections, internal transport, or individual routes – Cargo Objects supports you with innovative scheduling tools. This means you can schedule a large number of vehicles in your fleet in no time. Load factors of individual vehicles are taken into account and you can send email notifications for loads to be picked up at plants to speed up your processes. Cargo documents can be generated directly from the system and printed on your transport document.

Screen with screenshot of Cargo Objects XT

Cockpit app

Separate telematics units can now be consigned to the past. With the Cargo Objects Cockpit app you can locate your transporters, send orders, receive status reports, and enable your drivers to document vehicle handovers with photos, pictograms, and free fields. At the same time, documents can be made available to drivers and integrated communication with the dispatcher is possible via the chat function. It is also possible to track your vehicles via GPS trackers or connect telematics systems such as Transics or Fleetboard.


  • Vehicle location
  • Order transmission
  • Status reporting
  • Damage reporting
  • Individual form capture
  • Access to order attachments (e.g., customer authorization)
  • Navigation interface to NAVIGON or operating system's own navigation apps
  • Driver's manual
  • Intranet integration
  • Message communication with scheduling


Screen with screenshot of Cargo Objects XT

The fully integrated invoicing module ensures that invoicing for all transported vehicles is performed according to a tariff or individual price agreements. Due items can be automatically transferred to the reminder module. You can also enter credit notes and cancellations directly. Cargo Objects XT doesn't just handle transport invoicing. You can also create free-form invoices and export data to DATEV format on a specific date.

With the deployment of Cargo Objects, your individual invoice layouts are stored in the software. The documents generated by the system are always consistent with your corporate identity. Automated invoice transmission protocols via EDI, credit note procedures such as Excel (e.g., for the VW or Cartrans procedure), and proprietary interfaces are also supported.

Interface connection

You receive data from client systems conveniently and digitally via an interface. There are interfaces to a variety of clients such as OEMs (Daimler, VW, BMW, etc.), fleet operators (LeasePlan, Europcar, etc.), and management platforms (BCA FCM).

Inventory management

Screen with screenshot of Cargo Objects XT

Barcode scanners support efficient and digital management of your storage locations. Storage, relocation, and removal can be recorded in the same way as services or PDI. You can give your customers a real-time view of vehicles in stock and the status of services to be provided via separate access.

As the operator of a vehicle storage location, you need fully integrated software to map and document your business processes. We offer you exactly such a solution as an add-on module in Cargo Objects XT. Typical business processes such as storage and removal, relocation, recording of vehicle services, Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI), stock management, vehicle search, vehicle identification, inventory are supported.

Your customers can also check in real time whether you have a vehicle in stock. All warehousing processes are seamlessly integrated in Cargo Objects XT. There's no need for double accounting, master data management, or additional controlling tools.

Barcode scanner

You can harmonize and accelerate business processes and ensure clear identification of vehicles throughout the storage cycle through the use of 2D and 3D barcodes. As part of our inventory management solution, we offer you a mobile scanner solution that communicates directly with Cargo Objects XT in real time via wireless LAN or UMTS.

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