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ICT sector

The perfect basis for new success stories

The telecommunications market is at the center of digitization – making it one of the most dynamic industries in the world. In the face of fierce competition and ever-increasing customer demands, success will be confined to those suppliers who can serve the market with new products and services. Many of the new services, however, go beyond the actual core business. Based on a variety of different service platforms, they require the expertise of external partners. Bosch Service Solutions therefore offers a comprehensive service package, ranging from effective telesales to helpdesk solutions and professional social media management.

Cost reduction

Multi-skill teams facilitate synergy effects, leading to greater efficiency

Increased sales

Create new sales potential by reaching new customers through new sales channels


Multi-lingual, multi-channel customer service from specially trained associates

Customized solutions for your success

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Customer Experience Services

Convincing communication with the customer is a major success factor – especially in the field of ICT. Our specialist service teams can handle professional customer advice on all relevant channels. The use of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) automates processes and makes them even more efficient. Modern UX design enables the optimum design of the customer journey across all touchpoints. The perfect basis for the successful establishment of your services.


increase in customer recovery rate for a leading Spanish telecommunications company.

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