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Service Solutions
Solutions for vehicle fleet management companies

Our fleet management services ensure drivers are always mobile

Vehicle fleet management companies face major operational challenges. Achieving their objectives is often not easy. Fleet managers have the daunting task of reducing repair and administrative costs, while at the same time increasing vehicle service life – and improving driver safety and user experience, as well. This is why fleet managers juggle countless duties in their day-to-day operations. Personally communicating with drivers and supporting them are often particularly time-intensive tasks. Fleet managers coordinate vehicle maintenance and repairs – scheduled and unscheduled – and deal with all the demands of accident management. Bosch Service Solutions take the load off fleet management firms in decisive ways. We take charge of handling many of these activities and personally communicating with your customers – enabling you to offer your customers a complete and comprehensive mobility package.

A man walks up to a row of parked vehicles in a parking garage

Differing fleet types demand customized service solutions

We integrate our tools seamlessly into your existing system landscape without any unnecessary complexity, thereby ensuring an inspiring customer journey.

  • A woman in a beige-colored coat stands in front of her car looking at her smartphone
    Mobility Service Provider: Car sharing | Car leasing | Ride sharing | OEMs with alternative distribution channels
  • A tradeswoman walks away from her car with a tablet computer in her hand and carrying a blue helmet under her arm
    Business fleets: Company fleets (company cars, field service and pool vehicles) | Logistics fleet (delivery and courier services, food & beverage suppliers, third-party logistics (3PL) | Service fleets (construction and tow trucks, road maintenance depots)
  • A gray-haired man in a suit stands on the street in front of a building and looks at his smartphone
    Leasing companies: Supplying mobility service providers, company fleets, and individual end customers

We take care of drivers and vehicles along the entire value chain

We provide your drivers with around-the-clock support as a central point of contact at all the various stations along the driver journey. Our service experts work jointly with you to define, execute, and document all relevant processes – from individual work steps right through to complete workflow sequences. We also utilize self-service and automation elements for this purpose, and apply flexible resource planning in our work. For you, this translates into greater efficiency.

  • Processing prospective customers' queries and requests for quotations
  • Managing campaigns
  • Providing support for selecting vehicles
  • Reviewing requests and proposals from businesses and consumers
  • Managing contingent contracts and other documents
  • Providing and managing welcome packages

  • Managing contracts, including credit checks and scoring
  • Reviewing financing and leasing requests for business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) transactions
  • Registering and delivering vehicles
  • Taking charge of debt collection matters
  • Managing accounts, both payable and receivable

  • Advising on possible insurance coverages (e.g. liability and vehicle insurance)
  • Single point of contact between the insurer and driver
  • Collating and securing all related documentation:
    • Managing incidents
    • Processing damage, theft, and accident claims
    • Cooperating with insurers' departments and support units

  • Communicating with drivers across all channels
  • Providing on-site support for drivers: eCall rapid breakdown service, smartphone-based collision detection, roadside assistance, concierge service, stolen vehicle services, accident management, and emergency assistance
  • Service, maintenance and repairs: organizing workshop appointments, tire service, and vehicle towing service
  • Organizing vehicle refueling and recharging
  • User Account Management
  • Managing complaints and feedback

  • Managing contracts at end of term (EoT): termination or renewal
  • Providing support for loyalty and win-back management
  • Conducting renewal negotiations (leasing and insurances)
  • Organizing vehicle returns

Facts and figures

Fleet managers have to juggle lots of different tasks simultaneously. Let us do the heavy lifts for you.

An illustration shows a person sitting at a work desk staring into a computer monitor. A fleet manager's duties are shown on the right-hand side in the form of a bar chart.
An illustration shows a person sitting back at a work desk, relaxed, with hands folded behind their head while looking at a computer monitor. A fleet manager's duties are shown on the right-hand side in the form of a bar chart.
Without Bosch Service Solutions...
With Bosch Service Solutions...

Every technical connection can act as an initiating element

  • Automatically triggered by the device installed by the vehicle manufacturer (e.g. eCall)
  • Automatically triggered by a smartphone (e.g. smartphone-based collision detection)
  • Automatically triggered by the retrofit device installed by the vehicle fleet management
View of a smartphone on a vehicle’s front-seat center console, with the phone display showing that an eCall for rapid roadside assistance has been activated.

Your benefits

Longer vehicle service life

Lower maintenance and administrative costs

Increased safety for drivers and vehicles

Better customer experience thanks to a single point of contact for drivers

A central point of contact supports customers before, during, and after the entire journey

Support provided in challenging situations, including breakdowns and accidents

Why Bosch Service Solutions?


We're specialists in all services for ensuring safe and more convenient, comfortable, and efficient mobility

Service design approach

We design our services based on the needs and business goals of your customers

Integrator expertise

Continuous partner management and digital connectivity of systems

Multilingual, global services

With our global network, we perform our services in more than 40 different languages

Agile and customer-focused approach

We quickly adapt our services to the changing needs and requirements of our customers

Compliance & data protection

We deliver services in Bosch quality and to most stringent compliance, data protection and privacy requirements

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