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Case Study: Digitalization of parking lots and booking portal for increased transport security

Establishment of a network of secure truck parking facilities along major European transport routes in line with Samsung SDS Europe requirements and connected to a central booking platform

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Customer's industry sector: Logistics, Scheduling

Bosch Service: Bosch Secure Truck Parking

The challenge

Samsung SDS was founded in 1985 and specialized as a logistics service provider within the Samsung Group. It operates in a wide range of industries and offers technology-based logistics services both within the Group and to external customers.

Through a large number of service providers, Samsung SDS Europe is responsible for the logistics processes of more than 100,000 truck shipments per year across Europe. Digital technologies track, analyze, and optimize the entire logistics process to ensure the most efficient supply chain possible.

Many transport goods are a popular target for organized crime and are stolen from parking lots. To protect drivers and freight, Samsung SDS Europe has set up selected truck parking lots as "safe havens" featuring integrated security concepts. In addition, it cooperates with security personnel on site at various hotspots.

These measures are expensive and time-consuming to coordinate and even high-security parking facilities often cannot be booked in advance. Studies estimate that around 400,000 secure truck parking spaces are needed in Europe alone. The daily search for free parking spaces costs time, harms the environment, and can result in the legal driving time being exceeded. When drivers are forced to park in unsafe areas, the risk of theft increases.

Our client wants a reliable partner who can provide and expand a parking network of optimized safe havens. In addition, all parking spaces must be bookable in advance via a single, digital platform for contracted logistics companies as it must be possible to plan the numerous transport routes centrally, securely, and transparently.

Facts and figures

Costs for transport security reduced by up to 40%

Increased transparency as to whether logistics partners are using the specified secure parking lots

Increased security for drivers and freight, more efficient route planning, and more reliable supply chains

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"To provide the best possible protection for drivers, freight, and vehicles on our transport routes through Europe, we rely on the use of secure parking lots. With Bosch Secure Truck Parking, we have found a digital and scalable solution that meets our requirements. Drivers are also impressed by the added convenience and personal safety."

Rein de Vries, Senior Security Manager, Samsung SDS Europe

The solution

To meet the requirements of Samsung SDS Europe, we developed a customized concept that serves the overarching goal of improved transport security. The digital basis for this solution was our Bosch Secure Truck Parking service. Bosch Secure Truck Parking is an online booking platform for reserving secure truck parking spaces. Bosch parking lots have security features such as fences, barriers and video surveillance. Lighting and sanitary facilities also provide greater safety and convenience for drivers.

We created a network of secure parking lots for our client along important transport routes throughout Europe (including Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Poland):

  • We connected existing Samsung SDS Europe safe havens to our Bosch Secure Truck Parking booking platform.
  • We made parking lots, that met the high security standards of Samsung SDS Europe and were already connected to our platform, available to contracted transport companies for booking via the portal.
  • We enhanced the security infrastructure of our existing parking lots in selected areas in accordance with customer requirements.
  • We are also continuously selecting new parking lots and developing them in accordance with the security specifications of Samsung SDS Europe. This can be done, for example, on the premises of large transport companies or in industrial zones (depot parking).

Samsung SDS Europe encourages contracted logistics companies to book only secure parking spaces through Bosch Secure Truck Parking. They can immediately see what facilities are available at respective parking lots in the online portal. Thanks to central booking by dispatchers in real time, each driver is guaranteed secure parking along their defined route.

Bosch Service Solutions coordinates monthly billing directly with the transport companies in digital form. This means that parking costs are fully transparent for them, with no need for paperwork.

Through regular compliance analysis on behalf of Samsung SDS Europe, we determine whether logistics partners are actually using the recommended parking lots. Based on these reports, our client can check compliance with its requirements at any time and initiate measures for improvement.

The outcome

With the deployment of Bosch Secure Truck Parking, Samsung SDS Europe has been able to demonstrably increase transportation security, provide more reliable end-to-end supply chain compliance, and offer participating carriers a scalable, digitally supported network of safe havens. The innovative parking system with central booking platform delivers significant savings, reducing transport security costs by up to 40%:

  • Reduced theft
  • No more costs for special security personnel
  • Reduced direct costs
  • Fair usage-based billing for participating logistics partners

Through the booking platform, dispatchers know exactly which secure parking spaces are available and can plan their routes across Europe more efficiently. This saves time and fuel and reduces costs in daily logistics operations. Truck drivers can properly relax when parked and rely on the high security standards on site.

With this project, Samsung SDS Europe can successfully position itself as a pacesetter in the data-driven, digital transformation of logistics. The concept of safe haven parking lots and the processes behind them is closely aligned with the customer's specific needs and can also be applied to other companies and their 3PL and 4PL partners.

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