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Service Solutions

Our location in Romania: Timisoara

A view of the Union Square in Timisoara

Launched in 2007, Bosch Service Solutions in Timisoara delivers a comprehensive full service to the Bosch Group and external clients in the area of technical and IT support, customer care, production support, finance, accounting, purchasing, controlling and back office support for sales commercial activities.

About Timisoara

A view of the Union Square in Timisoara

Due to its history and location, Timisoara is a truly multicultural and multilingual city. It is also the second biggest city in Romania in terms of investment and economic growth (especially in the high tech sector) and was the first city in Romania to really open up to Europe and business after the downfall of communism. In 2021, it will be the European Capital of Culture, ready to welcome visitors from all over the world. It is young, vibrant and dynamic, home to a university and a polytechnic.

Our location

View of the office building at our location in Timisoara (visualization)

Our brand new offices are designed in line with the Bosch Inspiring Working Conditions (IWC) concept. This means well lit open spaces, airy meeting rooms, diverse and colorful areas, quiet corners and well equipped breakout rooms. The site provide generous parking facilities, for both cars and bikes. The building is located in the city center close to many diverse amenities: Restaurants, cafes and bakeries, a pharmacy and a private health center (with gym and pool) and many retail outlets and supermarkets.

Area of expertise

At Bosch Service Solutions Timisoara, we focus mainly on two fields of operations – Business Services and Global Services.

Business Services

We have expertise in areas such as Technical and IT support, Customer Care, Production Support and other services. Our technical support offers fast and efficient solutions in response to requests concerning our technology and products - for customers as well as for their technical partners and associates.

Global Services

We support the Bosch Group in areas such as Finance, Accounting, Controlling and Purchasing.

Our Finance & Accounting specialists find efficient solutions to ensure the smooth running of all finance and accounting processes.

Our Controlling Shared Service portfolio includes a broad range of services such as cost center controlling, budgeting and forecasting, controlling of internal and external charging, monthly business reporting, and sales analysis.

Commercial Customer Support performs activities related to commercial and logistics topics for automotive customers. It includes: tracking and monitoring of sales targets, supporting collection and dispute management, maintenance of customer specific logistics and sales elements.

Our Purchasing Business Operations specialists offer a wide range of services: processing purchase requisitions to purchase order, including parts-on-stock, processing invoice clearing, negotiating Bosch suppliers offers, managing suppliers changes, on-boarding and maintaining globally Bosch suppliers e-Catalogues, offering global support for tenders and general back-office support for our clients for any indirect purchasing activity.

The Strategic Purchasing Category Management team drives strategic supplier management and contract negotiations for all indirect demands at the Eastern Europe and DACH level through the active presence of our strategic buyers team specialized in different commodities.

Training and Development

Bosch Service Solutions is a people focused employer. We invest in the nurturing of talent and long-term career opportunities. We have put in place a series of initiatives aiming to advance the careers of our associates.

Trainings and certifications

We believe in a life-long learning approach, and provide technical and soft skills trainings.

International assignments

You have the possibility to work on international projects with and in other Bosch locations across 60 countries.

Professional development

Great opportunities to gain experience and move up the ladder within the company


The road to self-improvement is paved by books. You can borrow books from the library stored within your office.


We organize yearly team-building activities so you can develop your network and build trust with peers.

Diversity and languages

With over 10 nationalities in our team, we celebrate diversity to learn about other cultures and languages. We contribute to language course fees.

Attractive Benefits

As well as investing in our associates, we also offer them a wide range of corporate benefits – from extra money through flexible working hours to training opportunities. We are also a young and active team, with plenty of activities and opportunities for you to get involved; you are welcome to become an active member of our community.

A stylized heart drawn by a person in the background

Health related benefits for you and your family.


We have a broad range of initiatives to help you to keep fit and healthy… "a healthy mind in a healthy body."

Medical package
We offer an upgraded medical subscription through the Regina Maria network (on top of the Bosch package), as well as tests and consultations, and reimbursement for glasses.

We contribute to your monthly gym membership fee at the Smartfit Studio, and help keep you staying fit with the 7Card. We also provide various sporting equipment (e.g. bikes).

From nutrition to cancer prevention, to hair care or Zumba, we offer opportunities to learn new things with our seasonal Wellbeing workshops.

A stylized heart drawn by a person in the background
A hand throws a coin into a pink piggy bank

From extra payments to rebate deals with third parties – a series of measures to support you financially.


We offer you a flexible system of benefits, in total some 2700 Ron per year via a benefits account, which can be used in any way. To receive the money all you need to do is scan invoices (e.g. medical, kindergarten or school, sports or transport) and we reimburse the amount in a one-off payment. This comes on top of your salary.

We subsidize the costs of public transport or gas/ petrol, and within the new office buildings, we offer parking spaces. However, the latter would need to be paid for by you.

Relocation package
If you are joining us from more than 50 km away from our location, we provide a standard relocation package of 500 Euro.

The 13th salary
Your contribution to Bosch is valuable. Celebrate a successful year with the 13th salary, just in time for the winter holidays.

Meal tickets
A balanced diet includes at least one hot meal per day. We offer you meal tickets with a value of 13 Ron.

Celebrate together

We like to give presents to our loved ones. We offer you 150 Ron for Christmas. Your children will enjoy this benefit too, as they will also receive 150 Ron.

Discounts with various third party organizations

From a selected gym to parking spaces within our building complex, Bosch guarantees discounted prices for certain services from a range of selected third party organisations.

Life events celebration

Is your family growing while working at Bosch? We congratulate your new born with a 1000 Eur bonus.

Unforeseen situations

In case of unfortunate events, we support you by offering you free days and financial support (handled on a case-by-case basis).

A hand throws a coin into a pink piggy bank
People sit next to each other in a row, one person writes something on a pad

Opportunities to learn and develop new skills that will benefit your career.


Learning is a lifelong process, and it helps us achieve the things we want. We support you by offering (or also subsidizing) a range of courses and training.

Learning & Training
We offer courses, seminars and computer training, as well as contribution to monthly kindergarten or school fees for your children (the latter being part of the flexible benefits package).

Language courses
Languages are a key to a new world. If you are learning a new language in your free time, we give you a discount of up to 600 Ron per module.

People sit next to each other in a row, one person writes something on a pad
Woman with baby in her arms sits in front of a laptop and types

From flexible working hours to additional time off – there are a variety of opportunities to manage working hours to fit your lifestyle.


We do our best to accommodate you and offer the best possible work-life balance. That is why we have put many schemes in place that allow you to organize your work in a flexible manner.

Flex-time possibility
We care about your personal schedule, therefore we try to offer you flexible working hours, according to personal and business needs. Please discuss with your Team Leader.

Working from home
We offer the possibility of working from home a few days a month, according to personal and business needs. Talk to your Team Leader for detailed information.

Unforeseen situations
In cases of unfortunate events, we support you by offering you free days and financial support (handled on a case-by-case basis).

Growing number of vacation days
Work-life balance is essential for us, therefore we offer you an extra day's vacation for every 2 years you spend in Bosch. We start with 21 days of vacation.

Woman with baby in her arms sits in front of a laptop and types

Who we are looking for

Bosch Service Solutions Timisoara offers career opportunities at various levels of expertise. We are always looking for new colleagues specialized in: Accountancy, controlling, purchasing, reporting, audit, support for sales commercial activities, automotive, IT technical support, security systems, etc. In 2020 we have laid the foundations for the first buyer hub and expanded our service portfolio by adding positions in the area of software development engineering and development operations.

Reponsible neighbor with a human touch

At Bosch Services solutions in Timsoara, we support the local community and important causes such as the environment or education. In short, we are the responsible neighbor with a human touch.

A brown backpack on a bench

Charity Markets

A number of charity events

Every year we organize a number of charity events inside the company, to support different causes and non-profit organizations. Our colleagues buy symbolic items and the money goes directly to the NGO. Here we have a series of recurring events.

  • February: Bandana Days by Little People
  • March: Special Kids Color Spring by CopiișiZane
  • December: Christmas Fair
  • Others: Backpacks for impoverished children, Shoebox, 2% Fair

A brown backpack on a bench
Icon image for Bosch Green Weekend

Bosch Green Weekend

Bosch is a protector of the environment.

We managed, together with the local community, to plant 3000 saplings on the North Forest Curtain of the city, an area severely damaged by the strong storm that hit Timisoara in 2017.

Icon image for Bosch Green Weekend
Vier Kinder spielen mit Farben

Childhood games (Jocuri fără vârstă)

Bosch takes care of the local community.

Event held in June 2018 dedicated to the inner child in all of us. Citizens of Timisoara, colleagues and children had fun playing games inspired from our childhood. The ticket to the event was a toy or book that was later donated to AsociațiaCOPII, an NGO that helps impoverished children.

Vier Kinder spielen mit Farben
Two students sit in front of a laptop and talk

West University of Timișoara

Bosch supports education.

Since its founding, Bosch Service Solutions Timișoara has been one of the main partners of the West University of Timișoara, providing financial support, extra-curricular educational activities, and training for students.

Furthermore, we are also collaborating with a number of non-governmental organizations, which are part of the West University of Timișoara. We are also one of the founding members of the first educational hubs in Romania, MindsHub.

Two students sit in front of a laptop and talk
A group of employees sits in a circle, one employee speaks to the group while standing

Bosch Academy

Bosch supports education.

Bosch Service Solutions created its own internal academy in Timisoara, a central educational hub that offers specific training to both existing Bosch associates as well as prospective associates. In 2018, approximately 90 trainees graduated from one of the development programs offered by the Bosch Academy: Bosch 4 Beginners, Junior Accounting Program, Essential Managerial Toolkit and a Development Program for Middle Managers.

A group of employees sit in a circle, one employee speaks to the group while standing
A young employee explains a statistic to a colleague

Junior Accounting Program

Integrating candidates without prior accounting knowledge.

We developed the Junior Accounting Program to ensure a steady growth for the Accounting Center in Timisoara, successfully integrating candidates without prior accounting knowledge. The program combines theoretical concepts and practical exercises in the classroom with job shadowing and on the job practice under the supervision of a mentor. It focuses on technical and soft skills as well as accounting topics meant to satisfy the basic requirements a new joiner needs in order to perform accounting operations at Bosch.

A young employee explains a statistic to a colleague


For current job opportunities, please visit the Bosch Talent Hub.
For any further queries, please contact a member of the Bosch Service Solutions HR team.

Marcela Sumanariu: Recruitment Manager

Colta Alexandra: Recruiter

Gaspar-Mihon Iuliana: Recruiter

Speriosu Miriam: Recruiter

Ionita Oana: Senior Recruiter

Bianca Matei: Recruiter