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Intelligent Automation: Make service processes faster, better and more efficient

Move repetitive and boring tasks from service experts to bots so that service experts can focus on activities that require the human touch.

A robotic arm places lettuce plants in a field.

Intelligent automation is key to business success

Bosch Service Solutions not only has the necessary knowledge for the intelligent automation of processes, but also has its own AI solutions. This means that we remain independent of third parties and offer our customers the greatest possible flexibility. We are able to adapt and scale our automation solutions to different projects. In this way, we increase the competitiveness of our clients, regardless of the industry.

How automation helps us to focus on what matters most: you and your customers


Up to 50% of service processes have the potential to be automated

Get to know our digital companions


Systems that do

These bots take over some of the simplest things and merely support our employees on the basis of Robotics Process Automation (RPA). In order to use this type of bot, we need to have a set of structured data. However, we can only deploy them if it is a repetitive task and a very simple, rule-based process. In the end, the bot minimizes the work load for the human operator. Process steps that can be taken over by this bot:

  • Creation and documentation of tickets
  • Search and comparison between multiple systems
  • Generation of purchase orders
  • Generation of reports and notifications
  • Back-office tasks

Systems that think and support

With a first spark of independence, these bots are already much more helpful and can handle more complex tasks. They can now also be used for unstructured data (texts, scans, photos), but still require a certain set of guidelines and rules to work by. In addition to RPA, the bots' knowledge base in this category is also based on machine learning (ML), so the bots learn with each task and feedback. Process steps that can be taken over by this bot:

  • Provision of order status
  • Basic issue troubleshooting (FAQ)
  • Creation of tickets based on queries
  • Supporting humans by recommending “Next-best-action”

Systems that decide and interact

Bots that are able to mimic humans can take over various tasks and support humans in the best possible way. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP), they can even filter and understand spoken words and images. Thus, these bots have a human-like understanding of information and are able to make consequential decisions. They always learn with each subsequent task and its results, allowing them to make predictions of high accuracy. This makes it possible to use these bots in lively exchanges with customers, for example:

  • Voice assistant for first level support interfacing the customers
  • Smart Inbox that analyzes, categorizes and responds to customers
  • Negotiation chatbots

Intelligent automation ensures great customer and user experience at competitive cost

Positive impact on your entire business: intelligent automation enables cost reduction as well as revenue growth and improves the image of your brand.

Great customer experience

  • Higher first call resolution rate
  • Shorter response times
  • Opportunities for self-service
  • Less barriers between different media channels
  • 24/7 availability

Great associate experience

  • Higher employee satisfaction: less repetitive tasks
  • Associates can concentrate on more sophisticated tasks

Service productivity and efficiency

  • Improved quality and compliance
  • Better performance
  • Reliable data availability
  • Scalability, e.g. in case of business/ service expansion
  • Speed: faster innovation cycle

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