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Bosch Towing Management Software: Digitalization of the whole process chain

Many coordination calls between dispatcher and tow truck driver are necessary, resulting in an inefficient and expensive workflow. Furthermore, the invoicing process is complicated and intransparent, with the management lacking reliable performance overviews.

A service technician stands in front of a vehicle and looks at a tablet.

What we do

We provide a digital roadside assistance platform with the integration of roadside assistance and towing companies - from dispatch to billing. Our cloud-based software solution and app transmits all data automatically. Easy assembling of elements and automatic creation of orders and invoices are possible. Full transparency is guaranteed with many possibilities of reporting and tracking.

Truck drivers are connected via iOS or android apps

Tow truck driver photographs a vehicle with a tablet
  • Accept orders directly in the app or with a smart watch
  • Access to all orders for drivers
  • Chat communication with dispatch team
  • In app navigation with preferred partners i.e. Google Maps, Navigon etc. possible
  • OBD2 diagnostic units can be used to read out the vehicle's fault memory in the app via Bluetooth connection

The driver is kept up-to-date via SMS + webapp

  • Breakdown reports can be recorded digitally - native SDK can be provided as well
  • "Around me services" provide location based recommendations (i.e. coffee shop) to shorten the waiting period
  • Updates are sent via SMS or app - cross-platform access via browser
  • Vehicles are tracked permanently - estimated time of arrival is calculated
  • An integrated feedback system allows the driver to rate this assistance experience
  • Additional phone fixes can be offered, depenting on the OEM and the breakdown type
  • User can share their case in social networks like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp
Tow truck driver and driver smile at each other

How you benefit from our service:

Enhancement of customer experience

Increased transparency of complete process

Extension of service coverage

How the driver benefits from Bosch Towing Management Software:

  • Fast service delivery
  • Transparent communication – driver always knows about next step
  • Peace of mind: everything is handled transparent and quickly by professionals

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