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Case Study: Significant increase in sales thanks to successful lead management

Outbound marketing optimized through categorized customer data, scripting-tool supported calls and attractive incentives

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Customer's industry sector: Energy company

Related topics: Sales & Marketing

The challenge

An international energy company aims to increase its sales with a telesales campaign. The aim is to stimulate interest among potential new customers from the private and commercial sectors in the product presented and to motivate them to change their provider.

The initial situation is difficult because similar sales campaigns from a wide variety of providers are commonplace in the target market, so that there is a certain level of frustration with most contacts. In addition, the market for the specific offering is highly competitive and direct competitors use the same sales channel, which makes differentiation difficult.

Bosch was tasked with setting up effective lead management for the customer and carrying out the campaign. The aim is to take a critical look at the current outbound concept, to optimize the process both technically and in terms of content, and to gain more new customers and concluded contracts.

Facts and figures

10,000 new contracts concluded in just 11 months

Agreed sales targets exceeded by 30%

94% improvement in database ROI

"True to our service design strategy, we have optimized interaction between people, technology and processes. Our technology-based approach to lead qualification offers a huge competitive advantage, especially for clients whose sales success depends significantly on telesales campaigns."
Marian Luno, Regional President Americas, Iberia and Philippines, Bosch Service Solutions

The solution

Instead of simply working through the contacts in the database one-by-one, we decided on a technology-based approach. Based on an algorithm, all potential leads were first analyzed and divided into one of four groups, depending on the probability of closing a sale.

Categorizing the database has two advantages: Firstly, it shows which contacts are the most promising in terms of closing a sale. Secondly, this background knowledge can be used in outbound marketing to address customers in a more personal and targeted manner.

Bosch also programmed a "digital guide" for the service experts, which can be used as an aid during sales pitches. Sales staff are specifically prompted to ask the relevant questions at the right time and, depending on the answers, to continue the conversation accordingly. These guidelines help reduce the processing time per call. A scripting tool based on decision trees is used to assist with calls.

The information gathered through the process is integrated directly into our client's existing CRM system by means of a web service. It is immediately available there for all further interactions with end customers.

Alongside the optimisation of customer data, Bosch has introduced an attractive new incentive program. Performance-related components enable member of the project to increase their salary above market level, which improves motivation over the long term.

The outcome

Using our data analysis and technology-based approach, we were able to improve the conversion rate for the client in an impressive way. This is demonstrated by the following key figures over a project period of 11 months:

  • Around 10,000 new contracts
  • Agreed sales targets exceeded by 30%
  • 14% increase in sales per hour
  • 94% improvement in database ROI

An additional added value is the fact that the value of a possible lead is clear even before contact is made. The greater probability of a purchase increases satisfaction both on the part of the service experts and the newly acquired end customers.

Our associates now make even quite challenging pitches with the greatest motivation on behalf of the client. Incidentally, the processes described are fully decentralized, as this project is carried out 100% from the home office.

Because of the success of the project, our client decided to continue the campaign along the lines we developed and to expand the team on our side. Bosch Service Solutions far exceeded the client's expectations and the agreed sales targets.

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