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Taking the elevator to the top – a career with Bosch

Detlef, Technical sales support at Bosch Service Solutions. With Bosch since 1985.

Detlef is in front of a wall. Portrait.

The official job title is "Administration Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Center and Elevator Emergency Call", but when you ask Detlef where he works, you get the more down-to-earth reply: "I work at Bosch." Detlef is one of many long-standing Bosch associates who have spent their entire career with the company. In Detlef's case this is 40 years. Unlike his elevators that go up as well as down, his career has consistently progressed.

Detlef looks out from an elevator shaft and gives a thumbs up. He is wearing a safety helmet.

Not everybody can go into the shaft


 Detlef crouches over a measuring instrument. He looks at a tablet.

Since his training in telephone and telecommunications engineering in the 1970s, he has remained loyal to the company. In the mid-1980s, the Frankfurt native qualified himself on elevator emergency call technology, which is still his focus today.

He was there when the first alarm systems were installed in elevators in Germany. He remembers when he and his colleagues celebrated the tenth alarm system installed. Today there are over 15,000 elevators secured with Bosch technology throughout Germany. Detlef probably knows most of them personally. As the first elevator engineer at the Bosch Service Solutions monitoring center, he spent a great deal of time traveling the length and breadth of the country to perform and monitor system installations.

To prevent expensive and stressful failures, Bosch Predictive Maintenance will in future offer 24/7 monitoring of elevators with sensors. This technology will not only reduce the need for onsite deployment, but also save customers money. "At Bosch Service Solutions we are literally one step ahead thanks to Predictive Maintenance for elevators – we know today what will happen tomorrow." Building operators will be able to hand over the full service responsibility for their elevator systems.

Detlef sits in the elevator shaft and looks at a measuring instrument. He is wearing a safety helmet.

Detlef crouches over an elevator shaft. He looks at the laptop perched on his lap.

Detlef is currently working on the upgrade of alarm and emergency call systems throughout Germany. As part of the switch to IP-based telephony, all elevators are gradually being fitted with this technology, which means that every elevator has to be visited, decommissioned and converted manually on site. All of these steps are part of the journey toward the ambitious future goal of the networked city. For Detlef and his colleagues there is still a great deal to do. Or, as Detlef describes it: "Ah, we'll get it done."

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