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How the Bosch eCall helps also in personal emergencies

A police vehicle with blue lights on at night

Bosch has been delivering its eCall service since 2012. In the event of an accident or emergency, the emergency call system for vehicles establishes a voice connection to an emergency call centre to request rapid assistance either automatically or at the push of a button. Whether it's a variety of languages or helping car occupants also with personal emergencies, Bosch offers more than other eCall systems and tries to help drivers in every situation in life.

Ronnie has experienced first-hand what that can mean. Located in Romford, east London, he was attacked by unknown assailants on a cold, dark night in January. In his personal e-mail to us, he describes very impressively how he experienced the support of a Bosch employee.

A finger presses the eCall button in a vehicle

„This night I found myself in a situation where my life and wellbeing were put in danger. I was violently attacked, two thugs opened my car door and tried to drag me out of my car. I was beaten and my car was smashed up. The two thugs that attacked me took my mobile phone so I could not phone the police and were threatening me with weapons and telling me they would kill me. I managed to shut the car door and lock the doors; however the two were smashing my car up and trying to break the windows to get to me. In a panic, I hit the SOS button in my car as I had no other option. Had I not done this and these thugs got into my car I believe my life would have been compromised.

I got through to a guy called Michael. I explained to him I was under attack and my life was threatened and I needed help. This amazing man stayed with me on the phone and located me and phoned the police. He could clearly hear what was happening and heard the loud bangs of my car being attacked and told me to stay on the line with him so he could get help to me. I was telling him there were people with weapons threatening to kill me and I needed help fast and he told me he was getting someone to me asap. He stayed with me throughout when I was panicking that I was going to be killed, found my location and even described parts of where I was to ensure the police and emergency services came to me.

The display in the cockpit of a car shows that an eCall has been established.

This amazing man even said 'Ronnie, I need to put you on hold to tell the police where you are. But I do not want to do that if you think you are in danger and I will not leave you if you don't want me to’. He got the police to me and thankfully the thugs were arrested.

If it wasn't for his help, I honestly do not think I would be in a place to write these lines. I have walked away from this with a car that is destroyed and a few bruises and cuts, but I do think if it wasn’t for him getting me the help I could have ended up in hospital or worse.

What Michael did that day, goes above and beyond what anyone has ever done for me. He went out of his way to save someone's life. I walked away alive and well and I honestly do not think I would have without him. I had no phone or no way of getting help and he arranged help for me and stayed with me throughout.

On my way home, I hit the SOS button again and explained to the person I was speaking to that I just made an emergency as my life was in danger and a guy helped me and I would like to thank him... by some sort of luck, it was him I spoke to again! I burst into tears and said thank you so much to him and I owe him my life... he replied 'as long as you are ok, are you ok Ronnie?'... I am now crying writing these lines... what a wonderful human being!

"He is a hero! He is a lifesaver.”

He is beyond his job, he is a lifesaver... he saved my life and saved me from being badly hurt. He sat with me and spoke to me throughout this ordeal. This man needs a medal. When you are faced with a situation like I was faced with, and you meet a guy like him and you remember how wonderful people are.

It is not everyday you hit the SOS button and explain you do not have a flat tyre but someone is threatening your life.

He is a hero! He is a lifesaver.”


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