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Case study: Bosch eCall – a joint pioneering performance

In the front is a crashed car laying on the roof with broken glass on the floor. In the background is an Ambulance standing with open doors.

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Background and challenges

Customer's industry: Automotive

Bosch service: eCall

It all starts with a premium German motor vehicle manufacturer that wants a new premier roadside assistance program. Bosch Service Solutions, with its proven expertise and experience in the security service market, is the perfect partner and soon the idea of eCall was born.

This new roadside assistance program should operate worldwide, what presents us with new challenges: eCall requires 100% secure data transmission and a comprehensive local partner network to offer professional service coverage. Additionally, eCall must offer assistance in the native language of customers, even abroad.

Facts & figures

3 seconds response time

20 million connected vehicles across more than 10 brands

350 trained service experts available in all markets

Approach and solutions

Bosch builds a worldwide mobility platform to create a local partner network that consists of police, fire department and hospitals. In case of an emergency, mentally resilient service experts with language skills contact the vehicle occupants in the driver’s native language and receive initial information. Based on these information they initiate rapid assistance together with the local partner network and take care of the occupants until help arrives.

Results and benefits

Since the beginning, the eCall service has gone through a great development. Established in 2012, in six EU countries, the eCall service is currently deployed globally in 50 countries with more than 20 million connected vehicles. Until 2038, the eCall service is updated regularly with service-area expansions and added connected-car services.

Today, the eCall is one of the leading products in the roadside assistance market that met all expectations: There are 350 trained service experts available in all markets with an average response time of 3 seconds.

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