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Case study: Elevator Cloud – A comprehensive and flexible package for elevators

Three elevators in a row, the doors of the left one are open, the middle one is halfway closed and the right one is closed.

Background and challenges

Customer's industry: Elevators and escalators

Bosch Service: Elevator Monitoring

According to current statistics, around 60 % of elevators are more than 20 years old and do not support internet-based access. This leads to many inefficient, delayed or even unnecessary service calls to validate malfunctions. Additionally, maintenance work is carried out according to fix maintenance intervals regardless of actual use of elevators. As a result of these intervals, problems are recognized too late and might lead to accidents.

Facts & figures

24/7 Assistance through certified Bosch Service Solutions control centres

20 % reduction in unnecessary callouts

A leading provider in Germany

Approach and solutions

As a solution, we designed and developed the Bosch Elevator Cloud. Bosch Elevator Cloud combines services from monitoring and maintenance optimization to emergency calls and passenger rescues, all in one solution.

Bosch Service Solutions created a retrofit-able sensor box, which can be installed quickly as a manufacturer-independent, plug and play solution. Once the device is connected and installed, the whole system is monitored and our team eliminates inefficient operating parameters. Through a combination of hardware, software and service, malfunctions can be detected promptly, enabling fast response times for emergency maintenance and avoiding accidents.

Results and benefits

We created a system with real-time data investigation, immediate evaluation via the cloud and direct intervention from local partners. Cost savings are achieved via a reduction in downtime and emergency callouts through efficient implementation of maintenance repairs. So far, we achieved a 20 % reduction in unnecessary callouts and currently we are a leading service provider in Germany.

Additionally the certified Bosch Service Solutions monitoring centers are occupied around the clock, for a 24/7 service.

In the future we want to expand the usage of data for predictive maintenance services to heating and air conditioning systems.

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