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Case study: Combating theft with IoT

On the left side of the picture, ships are sailing on a river, while on the right side a cargo port with cranes, containers and cars can be seen.

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Background and challenges

Customer's industry: Food industry

Bosch service:Mobile Security

A manufacturer of basic food ingredients ships deliveries of goods in containers from his production sites in Latin-America to customers in the whole world. A problem of such supply chains is that these are desired targets for thefts and smuggler: They open containers and either steal the content or hide drugs inside. This results in a huge material and immaterial damage like a reduction of reputation or trust in people, companies or a whole supply chain.

Facts & figures

Prevention of drug smuggling in the multi-million euro zone each year

Security for transported goods valued at approx. 58 million euros annually (plus liability losses)

After 3 months: enhanced customer reputation with the customs authorities

Approach and solutions

As a result of these needs, we designed a complete, high quality IoT based security system that monitors the transportation of goods worldwide. To guarantee a high security level we use complex sensors for monitoring doors, lights, vibrations, tilt angles, accelerations, as well as temperature and humidity values. Determined data will be evaluated in a highly resilient control centre network featuring redundant security measures. We develop tailored management measures for each customer with input from local investigative authorities.

Results and benefits

With the combination of sensors, software and services, we created a high quality security system that secures transported goods valued at approx. 58 million euros annually. Our fast detection of tempering prevents far-reaching consequential damage, deters criminals, minimizes negative financial impacts and enhances the customer´s reputation:

We prevent drug smuggling in the multi-million euro zone each year and after 3 months customer reputation has been enhanced with the customs authorities

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