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Our location in Chile: Santiago de Chile

View of the skyline of Santiago de Chile

At Bosch Service Solutions Chile we provide Trade Marketing and Customer Experience services for different Bosch units across Latin America.

About the country

View of a lake in many shades of blue and green, which is surrounded by green meadows. Snow-capped mountains can be seen in the background.

Chile has the most dynamic economy in Latin America. Its GDP is growing at a steady rate, and is expected to grow further in the coming years. The country is famous for its economic freedom and provides a friendly environment to set up and run business. Additionally it has a well developed infrastructure and healthcare system. With its sixty-three universities, eleven technical centers, three prestigious business schools and forty-three technical institutes (KPMG, 2012), Chile has a competitive and highly skilled workforce. The main language in Chile is Spanish 99.5%, followed by English 10.2%.

About the office

View of the Bosch building in Santiago de Chile, it has a red brick wall, the Bosch logo can be seen at the top of the building.

Established in 2021, Bosch Service Solutions Chile counts today more than 100 employees with expertise in Trade Marketing and Customer Experience. It provides services to other Bosch units such as Thermotechnology, Powertools, Building Technology, RBCL and BISB.

The office is located in a good, quiet and central neighborhood with adequate access. It offers dining room for lunches, training rooms, meeting rooms and modern comfortable job stations.


A woman with dark hair looks smiling at a baby she is holding in her arms. She is wearing a red and blue checked shirt and has shoved sunglasses into her hair.

Employee welfare is important to us. We differentiate ourselves by being the company that provides additional benefits for its associates at no cost to them, such as complementary health, life, dental and catastrophe insurance.

Social Resposibility

Environmentally friendly wrapped gifts with wrapping paper and cord.

At Bosch Service Solutions we invest in the local community. Amongst others, we donate IT equipment to the most vulnerable local schools and at Christmas time we give gifts to children from a children’s village.


For current job opportunities, please visit the Bosch Talent Hub

For any further queries, please contact a member of the Bosch Service Solutions HR team.

Gonzalo Cerda Valdés, HRS-CL Tel. +56 2 2405-5537 |
Isabel Pérez, Backoffice HR-CL Tel. +56 2 2405-5692 |