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Service Solutions

Our locations in India: Bengaluru and Coimbatore

The picture shows the Vidhana Soudha (lit. 'Legislative House') in Bangalore, India, which is the seat of the bicameral state legislature of Karnataka.

Launched in 2017, Bosch Service Solutions India delivers services to the Bosch Group and external clients in the area of Customer Experience, Mobility Services and Non Mandated Services for Bosch Group. It provides services across North America, Europe, APAC and Australia.

Why work for Bosch?

Because you can join us in turning visions of the future into meaningful technology that is “invented for life” and serves to make life safer, more convenient and more efficient.

A range of benefits

We offer our associates a wide range of benefits from flexible working hours to medical support via discounts on a range of product and services to medical treatment.

  • Easy access as our location is located in an urban envrionment
  • Room for creativity with modern interiors and inspiring facilities
  • Flexible and mobile work models with needs based reduced working hours (50% or 75%).
  • Flexible festival holiday - 5 days a year
  • A complimentary canteen facility
  • Employee discsounts for a range of products and services
  • A wide range of sports activites and health activites.
  • Consulations with a company medical service
  • In-house social councelling
Graphic image of a group of people with the claim "Diversity is our advantage"

Diversity is part of our corporate strategy and values

With our aim to improve life for everyone, we are looking for associates who cover the wide range of characters, cultures and expertise and who bring in their own ways of thinking at work. We work in an atmosphere that is highly inspirational and productive – only one of the reasons why we see diversity as a strong asset for our company. By enriching us with individuality, our associates contribute to our diverse culture and support us in bringing forward new ideas and technologies.

Education at Bosch

A group of Bosch employees are wearing their black robes and are standing in front of palm trees. They are smiling at the camera.

We provide opportunities to learn and obtain a higher education degree via RBEI (Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions).

If associates want to learn more and progress with their career, they will find RBEI offers an avenue to upskill and augment their career trajectory via a broad higher education offering. RBEI currently offers courses such as M.E., M. Tech, MS, MBA, GMP and PhD, which are tied up with renowned colleges.

Journey of Knowledge & Learning (JKL) Academy

A man with dark hair looks at the camera, he has a red portfolio in his hands.

A one-stop learning and competence development solution, which facilitates continuous learning by enabling business. The JLK Academy promotes and integrates various modes of learning for any particular topic – real, virtual, social or digital. It provides an online catalog of curated learning contents diverse in terms of domains and technologies. Associates can flexibility follow curated learning topics and create and individual list in a video academy.

Support in emergencies

Parents with two children sitting on a couch with the grandfather.

Additionally to providing support with education, we also look after our associates and help them in case of prolonged illness or in emergencies.

  • RBEI has employee friendly practices to support associate and immediate family during medical emergencies.
  • The SHAKTI Welfare Trust provides monetary relief to associates and family members during medical emergency. Funding by means of voluntary monthly contributions of INR 100/.
  • When there is a need to extend support to an associate recovering from a major illness, the eligible associate can contribute earned leave (EL) in the range of 0.5 to 3 days to the Central Leave Bank. The bank then contributes to an associate recovering from a critical illness so that salary is paid.

Social responsibility

At Bosch Service Solutions India, we work with local communities to promote education amongst the disadvantaged and we invest in responsible development.

A person catches water from a faucet with their hands clasped.

Quality education for overall development:

  • Creating smart and virtual classrooms
  • Clean and healthy drinking water and sanitation facilities in schools
  • Promoting sports as a developmental activity
  • Scholarships for meritorious students
  • Empowering the disabled to live a life of dignity and sustainability

Responsible and sustainable development:

  • Promoting cleaner environment, sustainable open air spaces and water recharging mechanisms
  • Biodiversity and lake rejuvenation projects
  • Conservation of endangered species
  • Community welfare projects (parks and play areas)


For current job opportunities, please visit the Bosch Talent Hub

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